Pipe Abbreviations

Common abbreviations used when discussing pipes and tobacco

965 - Dunhill My Mixture 965
1792 - SG 1792 Flake
5100 - McC 5100 Red Cake tobacco
B&M - Brick & Mortar store
BBF - SG Best Brown Flake
BC - Butz-Choquin Pipes
BCF - G&H Bob's Chocolate Flake
BFP - C&D Baileys Front Porch
CAO - A brand of Meerschaum pipes and a tobacco brand
Cav - Cavendish, a method of processing tobacco
CB - Captain Black
C&D - Cornell & Diehl Tobacco Co.
CG - MM Country Gentleman
CH - Carter Hall Tobacco
DBE - G&H Dark Bird's Eye
DGT - Delayed Gratification Technique
DH - Dunhill
DLF - Dunhill Light Flake
DLNR - Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls
EMP - Dunhill Early Morning Pipe
ERR - Edgeworth Ready Rubbed
FM - McC Frog Morton
FMOTB - McC Frog Morton On The Bayou
FMOTT - McC Frog Morton On The Town
FVF - SG Full Virginia Flake
G&H or GH - Gawith & Hoggarth Tobacco Co.
GLP - G.L. Pease Tobacco
HB - C&D Haunted Bookshop
HCA - Hans Christian Anderson, a line of pipes made by Stanwell Pipes
H&H - Hearth & Home, a Pipesandcigars.com house blend
HOTW - Rattray's Hal o' the Wind
HOW - House of Windsor
KW - Kaywoodie Pipes
LBF - PS Luxury Bulls Eye Flake
LNF - PS Luxury Navy Flake
LTF - PS Luxury Twist Flake
MCB - Middleton's Cherry Blend
McB or MB - Mac Baren Tobacco Co.
McC - McClelland Tobacco Co.
MM - Missouri Meerschaum (corncob pipe maker)
NAC - North American Carvers
OG - Rattray's Old Gowrie
OGS - Orlik's Golden Sliced
OJK - C&D Old Joe Krantz
OTC - Over The Counter (“drugstore tobacco”)
PA - Prince Albert tobacco
PAD - Pipe Acquisition Disorder
PS - Peter Stokkebye
PSLBF - PS Luxury Bulls Eye Flake
PSLNF - PS Luxury Navy Flake
PSLTF - PS Luxury Twist Flake
P&W or PW - Pipeworks & Wilke
POY or POTY - Pipe of the year
RRR - Rattray's Red Rapparee
SG - Samuel Gawith Tobacco Co.
SL - SG Squadron Leader
SMS - A Meerschaum pipe brand
SMM - DH Standard Mixture Medium
SP - Smoker's Pride, an OTC tobacco brand
SV - Super Value, an OTC tobacco brand
SWR - Sir Walter Raleigh
SWRA - Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic
TAD - Tobacco Acquisition Disorder
WOL - OF W.O. Larsen Old Fashioned
YMMV - Your mileage may vary

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    Apr 24, 2011
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