1. Pilgrim

    Best Ebay Estate Deal to Date

    The folks in my life here could care less about my pipe smoking so i thought you guys would appreciate this. For 36 bucks i got four great pipes; LEONESA RUSTICA , KAYWOODIE WHITE BRIAR, BODA SEVILLE ARABESQUE ITALY, NO MARKINGS ON THE MEERSCHAUM PIPE <center><a...
  2. TYDiBiase

    I smoke a pipe I know nothing about.

    I have been smoking for a while now. Got it all down pat. The packing, the tobacco cuts, the cherry, however. I have no information on the pipe I smoke. It is a briar pipe. slightly bent stem, and all it reads is "Wild Honey" on one side, and "Made in London England" on the other. Can anyone...
  3. RajunCajun48

    Mouthpiece too small

    So, I bought my first pipe about a year and a half ago, I did what most new pipe smokers do and I went with a basket briar. Today I pulled out that pipe that I hadn't smoked in close to a year. What I found was the mouthpiece was too small to got a pipe cleaner through. I remember this being a...
  4. erdocsg

    rub down?

    do you use spirits to wipe down your bowl? some recommend it to keep the ash stick 'better' , i am wondering if it adds ( or substracts) flavor.
  5. Grumpynuts

    Best grain for smoking

    I, too, am an old fart, but I thought I'd reach out to my fellow Old Farters. Back when I worked in a B&M we were told that in a briar wood pipe to look for birds eye grain, particularly going horizontal. The reason being this provides a dryer sort of smoke. I've seen many briar pipes that have...