1. HDXR

    Castello vs. Dunhill

    I have 3 Castello pipes right now. Out of my 19 briars, they are my #1, 2 and 3 favorite pipes. I like them so much because of the wide open draw. I plan on acquiring a Dunhill or 2 and I want to know how does the draw and overall smokeability, on average, compare? Any comparisons on other...
  2. Bluesytone

    Talk me off the Castello 55 Shaped Pot ledge

    I'm seriously considering splurging on a Castello 55 shaped sitter. I'm finding that I tend to like smaller bowls because all my large bowl pipes take to long to get through and I found a smaller format 55. I've read they make great flake pipes :msty: .. yeah I know.. a pipe is a pipe.. In...