1. PiperSam

    I Have This Old Tobacco... (Parodi)

    Hello Everyone, I recently ordered a sealed pack of Parodi long cut pipe tobacco off Ebay for a fair price and was wondering if anyone could help me date it? I think it's wicked cool, but I definitely jumped the gun and didn't notice the seal was not a serialized tax stamp like I thought it...
  2. TYDiBiase

    Aro or English Blend (Cellar Advice)

    Looking to Cellar some tobacco, going to get a variety and mini mason jar them separate and take notes every 6 months-1 year. So, my question is, since I am new to this, Which is "better" to cellar? In terms of flavor which will be worth more flavor wise to cellar? Of course we all have our...
  3. Greenbriar

    Anyone cellar Autumn Evening?

    I don't smoke very fast so I have half of my AE tin in a small mason jar set aside. but i also heard that cellaring aros is kind of risky business. Anyone know if I'll just end up ruining half or has this worked for anyone else?