1. Pilgrim

    Question About my First New Mark Twain Cob

    Hey fellas; i've always liked the shape of this twain and didn't really know what to expect when i opened it today. There are five big chips around the top edge of the rim; it this normal? It's not like a freehand, that's made to look that way. Did i get a defect or what? thanks
  2. Pilgrim

    Not What I Ordered

    I ordered the 'cobbit elf' based on this pic: This is the pipe i received: I've had my eye on these cobbits since the beginning; i had heard there were problems with the early models so, by now, i thought they had it lined out. Today i'm...
  3. Pilgrim

    How to buy bamboo for cob shank

    Hey fellers; i want to make a bamboo shank for an old cob. Steve Norse sells more than one type of bamboo and they measure in metric, i.e. 6-10 mm and 10-16 mm. Which of these widths do i want? Any other considerations i should be aware of? thanks
  4. Frotz

    When to toss a cob?

    I've had maybe five corncob pipes over the years. One was lost, one burnt out on the rim and one got a nasty taste. My two remaining cobs are for 1) testing heavy blends and 2) whatever. At the bottom of the bowl of my whatever cob, I noticed that a third of the stem that protrudes into the...