dr grabow

  1. Maguffin

    Medico vs Grabow vs Savinelli

    I consider myself a somewhat novice pipe smoker and currently use a basket pipe. I'd like to try smoking with a filter so I bought some 6mm Savinelli balsa filters, not realizing that my pipe won't accept them. I've been told that if I purchase a Savinelli, Medico, or Dr. Grabow the filters will...
  2. CoreyR

    Sparta & Dr Grabow

    Greetings all. My wife and I are going to be spending Turkey day weekend, starting tomorrow, at one of our favorite spots, Meadows of Dan, Virginia. We are renting a cabin and doing the REI thing of "Opting Out" for the whole "black friday" thing. Anywho, for those not familiar with the...