1. HDXR

    Castello vs. Dunhill

    I have 3 Castello pipes right now. Out of my 19 briars, they are my #1, 2 and 3 favorite pipes. I like them so much because of the wide open draw. I plan on acquiring a Dunhill or 2 and I want to know how does the draw and overall smokeability, on average, compare? Any comparisons on other...
  2. hatman

    Dunhill London Mixture

    I've tried nearly all the Dunhill blends, and none of them really became a favorite except perhaps Aperitif. I remember thinking London Mixture an uninteresting rather sour affair - I smoked one tin and never bought it again. Then the other day I saw a tin on the shelf and though 'hey - I'll...
  3. Rx2010

    Help dating tins

    I acquired these back in 2010 or so. I believe them to be Murray's era. But I don't know when Murray's stopped making Dunhill. 2000ish? I've yet to fully remove the giant anti smoking stickers
  4. B

    Dunhill Tanshell.

    Just got my first Dunhill and I'm trying to get some info. on it. Seems a little convoluted. Does anyone know what 595t might mean/stand for? Thanks in advance.
  5. Themadking

    Nightcap Discussion and Moisture Level

    I've been making my way through my first tin of Dunhill Nightcap and honestly I'm slightly disappointed. After reading all the reviews I was expecting to be blown away but I find it to be on the same level as Stokkabye's English Oriental Supreme, and I like plumb pudding much more. The nic...