1. P

    English suggestions?

    Good evening gentlemen! I’ve been smoking for 15 years. Early on I jumped right in to English blends and hated it. They were just way too strong for me at the time. Now that I’m a little older I want to give them another go. What would you suggest? I’m looking for something low on nicotine and...
  2. Green Earrings

    Englishman's Mixture no. 79 (Experiment)

    Here I'll describe an experiment that turned surprisingly in my favor. A few months back I was on a real OTC kick, I had found a local cheap smoke shop that had a surprising variety of pouches. When I tried Mixture 79 I was primed for the experience, having watched many videos/read many posts...
  3. Jordan

    First Meerschaum: 1890 W.H.N

    Just received my first meerschaum pipe, a 1890 W.H. Newman from Birmingham. I generally only buy cased pipes but I missed out on a LB so I bought this to make me feel a little better. https://www.ebay.com/itm/162423400356 Will post more pictures if desired.
  4. mainer

    Experience with custom blends? Tobacconists that do it?

    Has anyone had any experience having a custom blend made up? For quite some time, I've been thinking of having a custom blend made up, a very slightly sweet English, and might finally be ready to pull the trigger. Anyway, I was wondering anyone had experiences (positive or negative) that...