1. Pilgrim

    Best Ebay Estate Deal to Date

    The folks in my life here could care less about my pipe smoking so i thought you guys would appreciate this. For 36 bucks i got four great pipes; LEONESA RUSTICA , KAYWOODIE WHITE BRIAR, BODA SEVILLE ARABESQUE ITALY, NO MARKINGS ON THE MEERSCHAUM PIPE <center><a...
  2. Gypsysmoker

    I control the Universe!!

    Posted this just yesterday Seriously, I just might! Don't believe me? Check this out:
  3. TheBriarBurl

    Best Flea Market, Antique Store, Estate Sale Pipe Find...

    Today I had the good fortune of finding a DR marked Ardor Meteora among some pipes at a large antique store marked to an OBSCENELY good price. This was my first really good find in this sort of setting - really got my adrenaline going! Post some stories of your best pipe finds at antique...