1. Frotz

    Cylindrical Kirsten bowl?

    Official Kirsten bowls all have conical chambers. Has anyone here or elsewhere made one with a more cylindrical chamber?
  2. K Williams

    My Kirsten Pipes Arrived!

    I recently found out about Kirsten Pipes through an email from P&C. I got the Silver Jewel with a bulldog bowl. Then I called up Kirsten Pipes and ordered a Black Mariner with a Costano bowl. Very nice pipes. Who are the current makers of bowls for these pipes? Thanks.
  3. Frotz

    Got me an olivewood Kirsten bowl

    A few months ago I posted a question on where I could get a Kirsten bowl made of olivewood. Someone suggested talking to Don Warren. He made me this very well-made XL Brandy olivewood bowl. I haven't broken it in yet because I need new gaskets and Kirsten sent me the wrong size.