1. Green Earrings

    Englishman's Mixture no. 79 (Experiment)

    Here I'll describe an experiment that turned surprisingly in my favor. A few months back I was on a real OTC kick, I had found a local cheap smoke shop that had a surprising variety of pouches. When I tried Mixture 79 I was primed for the experience, having watched many videos/read many posts...
  2. K Williams

    Homemade Chocolate Latakia Blend?

    After watching a video on YouTube about a chocolate latakia blend called Chocolate Manhood, I figured that I should try my own. I just ordered 2 ounces of C&D Chocolate Cavendish, 1 ounce of McClelland 5100, 1 ounce of latakia, and I might add 1 ounce of C&D Dark Burley to the mix too. To the...