1. Pilgrim

    Thoughts on Meer Lined Pipe Wrapped in Leather

    Was looking for a meer lined pipe and saw some that were wrapped up in leather. I guess the meer lining makes up for the briar of unknown origen. There is the Kiko, the Longchamp and one in think is Ascot. The ascot has some word underneath i can't make out. Are these worth having and which...
  2. K Williams

    Sorringowl & Sons Oil-Tanned Pipe Pouch

    I ordered a Sorringowl & Sons oil-tanned pipe pouch during Frank's Father's Day sale. This pouch is very well made! I love the color, feel, and thickness of the leather.
  3. Frotz

    Leather roll-up pouches NOT lined with latex/rubber/etc, just plain leather

    The plastic lining of my Peterson leather roll-up pouch is starting to get hard. Who makes a decently-priced leather roll-up with just leather on the inside?