1. Maguffin

    Best Lighter For Occasional Use?

    I only smoke my pipe about twice a month. I've been using matches but they are tough when it's windy and sometimes it's hard to keep the bottom of the bowl lit. I've tried your basic Bic cigarette lighter but it's very awkward to hold and tip down into the bowl without burning my fingers. I've...
  2. Frotz

    Inexpensive flint-and-butane lighter

    My favorite go-to, the Imco G77R is several years old. I bought it with the expectation that it would die and I'd just buy another. Now Imco is gone and these lighters are harder and harder to find. I did manage to find two new ones, which I promptly stashed away in a safe place. I love my...
  3. Frotz

    Peterson chrome lighter

    Does anyone here know of an online retailer who has a Peterson lighter in polished chrome? It seems like nobody in the US even carries it and the UK places I've looked at are all out of stock.