1. Maguffin

    Best Lighter For Occasional Use?

    I only smoke my pipe about twice a month. I've been using matches but they are tough when it's windy and sometimes it's hard to keep the bottom of the bowl lit. I've tried your basic Bic cigarette lighter but it's very awkward to hold and tip down into the bowl without burning my fingers. I've...
  2. Frotz

    Want good old Ohio Blue Tips strike-anywhere? Write Jarden Home Brands!

    I sent a letter to Jarden Home Brands about how much I appreciate seeing Ohio Blue Tip matches again and when they might bring them back as strike-anywhere. I also commented on how awful the Greenlight matches are. Today I got a letter back thanking me for sharing my thoughts. They also...
  3. Frotz

    Striking a match with your thumbnail

    Can anyone here light strike-anywhere matches on your thumbnail or the side of your jeans (hike up a leg first)? I haven't been able to do this for years. Last time I could do it was when Ohio Blue Tips were easily available. I have a box of "greenlight" kitchen matches from Diamond that seem...