1. Pilgrim

    My first Meer now has a shank crack :(

    Bought this nice smoking estate meer that showed little use. The stem has a nylon male thread and the pipe's shank doesn't have a matching insert; the shank itself is threaded. I've been careful taking the stem on and off and even still there is now a crack line about two inches long running...
  2. Bosergeist

    artificially coloring a meerschaum stummel

    Carl Avery Werner’s Tobaccoland (1922) is an often cited book from about a century ago. Chapter 38 deals with artificially coloring a meerschaum pipe stummel. I have not attempted to use this technique, almost certain will not ever do so and do not recommend it. I am reporting this merely as...
  3. Pilgrim

    Best Ebay Estate Deal to Date

    The folks in my life here could care less about my pipe smoking so i thought you guys would appreciate this. For 36 bucks i got four great pipes; LEONESA RUSTICA , KAYWOODIE WHITE BRIAR, BODA SEVILLE ARABESQUE ITALY, NO MARKINGS ON THE MEERSCHAUM PIPE <center><a...
  4. Pilgrim

    Thoughts on Meer Lined Pipe Wrapped in Leather

    Was looking for a meer lined pipe and saw some that were wrapped up in leather. I guess the meer lining makes up for the briar of unknown origen. There is the Kiko, the Longchamp and one in think is Ascot. The ascot has some word underneath i can't make out. Are these worth having and which...
  5. Pilgrim

    $20 Meerschaum; what is it?

    This is my first 'estate' Meer; found it for a little under $20 on ebay. There seems to be no makers mark so what is it? I cleaned that black spot off the rim and inside the bowl is now smooth but still black so is that black color okay or do i need to scrape it down to the white? The stem was...
  6. Pilgrim

    Meer Woes . Have Pics . Need Advice

    Hey fellas; it's been awhile. Glad to see you're still puffin. I got this, my first, meerschaum at a flea market and it has no stem. Someone had glued the little bits back on with glue unknown. It seems strong but irregular. My thought was to send it off to repair but i don't have any money for...
  7. CoreyR

    Field Day Find

    Saturday I was out at the Field Day of the Past, in Goochland, Virginia and, while perusing the antiques, I found this little tidbit. [/URL][/IMG] The Meerschaum is rather nice but has no markings at all. The case simply has the words "Genuine Block-Meerschaum" on the top piece. I got the...
  8. PiperSam

    Mystery Meerschaum w/ Picture Links

    I picked this pipe up at a local antique store thinking it was a clay pipe, but it says "First Prize Meerschaum Clay Pipe" on a red label. There are no other markings. I know meerschaum is similar to clay. Is this what they mean? If not, how do I know which it is made of? I can't find anything...
  9. Jordan

    First Meerschaum: 1890 W.H.N

    Just received my first meerschaum pipe, a 1890 W.H. Newman from Birmingham. I generally only buy cased pipes but I missed out on a LB so I bought this to make me feel a little better. Will post more pictures if desired.
  10. MeerSteve

    Took a while, but another LVC pipe finally showed up on eBay.

    And went for a pretty penny too:
  11. MeerSteve

    Kudret Bacchus pipe

    I have been away from these forums for a while, but never gone. Real life can sometimes keep you so busy you have no time for your vices. Now that I can enjoy my Meerschaum pipes again, I contacted MeerschaumMarket with a special request. I had wanted a really nice Bacchus pipe for a long time...