1. Frotz

    Got me an olivewood Kirsten bowl

    A few months ago I posted a question on where I could get a Kirsten bowl made of olivewood. Someone suggested talking to Don Warren. He made me this very well-made XL Brandy olivewood bowl. I haven't broken it in yet because I need new gaskets and Kirsten sent me the wrong size.
  2. Frotz

    Olivewood Kirsten bowls?

    Does anyone here know of someone who makes bowls for Kirsten pipes? I've been wanting an olivewood bowl for a long time.
  3. John Lawitzke

    Olive wood advice?

    I'm picking up my first olive wood pipe tomorrow. I recall hearing that since olive wood is linearly grained that one should go gentle during break in until a cake has developed. True? Any other olive wood advice that I should be aware of? Thanks!