1. W

    Peterson Standard vs Deluxe System

    Other than the style, the only difference I see is the metal piece at the end of the mouthpiece (forgive my ignorance with terms) Also nickel vs silver. The reason I ask is that I want to get one from Europe that allows 9mm filters. Since the metal piece isn't there on the deluxe when it's...
  2. W

    Pipe Advice (filters) and other ramblings from a newbie

    Quick history (going back 2 weeks), quick smoking Dec 25, 2017 (after 25 years), and haven't had a cigarette yet in 2018, although the club meetings in the basement with drinks and smoke (all types) are my largest threat. This is where pipe smoking comes in 2 weeks ago when a friend and fellow...
  3. Frotz

    Peterson pipe associated with Sherlock Holmes but discontinued

    I remember coming across discussion of a particular Peterson pipe that was used in a series of Sherlock Holmes productions (TV or silver screen, I don't know). This particular shape was discontinued some years ago. Does anyone remember what it is/was?
  4. briceg

    Help with a tale of two Peterson fishtails (XL13)

    I find the Peterson XL13 to be charming but I am curious as to the different rustication and other features on at least two types. This is a Kinsale Rusticated (XL13) Fishtail for sale at a reputable online source: This is also a Kinsale Rusticated (XL13) Fishtail for sale from the same...
  5. Frotz

    Clay Peterson System pipe

    I found this Peterson System pipe on Ebay for not too much money. Interestingly, it's made of clay. The seller says that it dates to the 1950s. Does anyone know anything more about clay pipes by Peterson? This one is stamped with the number "12", but the shape is essentially a 317.
  6. Frotz

    Peterson 317 with a charred rim

    Here are two Peterson System 317 pipe bowls side by side. The one on the left is a brand new 317 Premier. The one on the right is a 317 Standard. The newer pipe's bowl is wider by around 5mm. The chambers though, are about the same size. Note the significant charring along the rim of the...
  7. Frotz

    Seeking Peterson premier 317

    Does anyone sell a smooth Peterson 317 premier? I see references to it but nowhere ehere I cam actually buy one.
  8. Frotz

    .22 caliber mop in a Peterson System

    I came across some .22 caliber mops and I thought they might be useful in cleaning out the sump of a Peterson System pipe. Your thoughts?
  9. Chad

    Dating K&P pipe. Has hallmarks but no Peterson name. Pre-Peterson?

    I have the following pipe. Can anyone help me put an approximate date on it? Could it be a Dublin pre-peterson pipe from the original K&P dublin shop?
  10. faraz

    MY new Peterson

    Hi every one. I just bought a new Peterson pipe. Although I bought it from a trusted shop in Malaysia, I am kind of skeptical about it being genuine. It came with a 9mm Peterson filter in it but when I intended to change the filter later I released that it got very hard to smoke it. I mean when...
  11. Frotz

    What's best for a Peterson System pipe?

    I've always liked the look and feel of the Peterson System pipes. Several years ago I got a smaller estate one that turned out to have a bit of burnout on the rim. It seems to smoke quite well with tobaccos that are prone to gurgle in other pipes. Two years ago I bought a larger one...
  12. P

    Peterson riddle: Dating a System #X pipe

    The hypothetical subject of this exercise is a Peterson pipe I'd like to date. In the absence of COM markings and with faux hallmarks, the only markings left are Peterson System #x, say System 4 or System 3. Pipedia and the Peterson dating guide do not explicitly state that those system...
  13. Frotz

    Inexpensive flint-and-butane lighter

    My favorite go-to, the Imco G77R is several years old. I bought it with the expectation that it would die and I'd just buy another. Now Imco is gone and these lighters are harder and harder to find. I did manage to find two new ones, which I promptly stashed away in a safe place. I love my...
  14. Frotz

    Peterson chrome lighter

    Does anyone here know of an online retailer who has a Peterson lighter in polished chrome? It seems like nobody in the US even carries it and the UK places I've looked at are all out of stock.