1. HDXR

    Castello vs. Dunhill

    I have 3 Castello pipes right now. Out of my 19 briars, they are my #1, 2 and 3 favorite pipes. I like them so much because of the wide open draw. I plan on acquiring a Dunhill or 2 and I want to know how does the draw and overall smokeability, on average, compare? Any comparisons on other...
  2. PiperSam

    Mystery Meerschaum w/ Picture Links

    I picked this pipe up at a local antique store thinking it was a clay pipe, but it says "First Prize Meerschaum Clay Pipe" on a red label. There are no other markings. I know meerschaum is similar to clay. Is this what they mean? If not, how do I know which it is made of? I can't find anything...
  3. PiperSam

    I Have This Old Tobacco... (Parodi)

    Hello Everyone, I recently ordered a sealed pack of Parodi long cut pipe tobacco off Ebay for a fair price and was wondering if anyone could help me date it? I think it's wicked cool, but I definitely jumped the gun and didn't notice the seal was not a serialized tax stamp like I thought it...
  4. TYDiBiase

    Aro or English Blend (Cellar Advice)

    Looking to Cellar some tobacco, going to get a variety and mini mason jar them separate and take notes every 6 months-1 year. So, my question is, since I am new to this, Which is "better" to cellar? In terms of flavor which will be worth more flavor wise to cellar? Of course we all have our...
  5. TYDiBiase

    I smoke a pipe I know nothing about.

    I have been smoking for a while now. Got it all down pat. The packing, the tobacco cuts, the cherry, however. I have no information on the pipe I smoke. It is a briar pipe. slightly bent stem, and all it reads is "Wild Honey" on one side, and "Made in London England" on the other. Can anyone...
  6. briceg

    Help with a tale of two Peterson fishtails (XL13)

    I find the Peterson XL13 to be charming but I am curious as to the different rustication and other features on at least two types. This is a Kinsale Rusticated (XL13) Fishtail for sale at a reputable online source: This is also a Kinsale Rusticated (XL13) Fishtail for sale from the same...
  7. MeerSteve

    Took a while, but another LVC pipe finally showed up on eBay.

    And went for a pretty penny too: http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-VIENNA-MEERSCHAUM-SMOKING-PIPE-WITH-ALLIGATOR-CASE-ORIGINAL-GOOD-SHAPE-/132018638023
  8. SmokingStrider

    Question about Esoterica

    I am new to pipe smoking and I have a question about Esoterica's tobacco, Stonehaven, Penzance, etc. When do they usually go back in stock? I am dying to try stonehaven.
  9. BryanB

    Thoughts on Curchwardens...

    I'd like to hear some thoughts on churchwarden pipes you've owned. I, myself, only own the one and I'm on the fence. Not sure I like the shape and style, etc. Let me see your favorite churchwardens, if you have em, and share your thoughts!
  10. erdocsg


    what is the best place to buy pipes online? I guess its a loaded question..... i would take into account overall price, shipping/handling price, ease of transaction,etc...
  11. erdocsg


    i seem to be a 'clenched' but i get very tight jaw muscle pain and along with my TMJ disorder, it is very unpleasant. are different shapes less likely to cause discomfort?
  12. RajunCajun48

    Mouthpiece too small

    So, I bought my first pipe about a year and a half ago, I did what most new pipe smokers do and I went with a basket briar. Today I pulled out that pipe that I hadn't smoked in close to a year. What I found was the mouthpiece was too small to got a pipe cleaner through. I remember this being a...
  13. janim1

    Milestone achieved!

    Its been about little over a year since i got my first pipe. Didn't know how to keep it lit so i rolled cigarettes from the pipe tobacco which was mac baren cube bronze. In july i looked up pipe smoking again read lot of information on packing, keeping it lit and maintaining my pipe. Got a hang...
  14. faraz

    MY new Peterson

    Hi every one. I just bought a new Peterson pipe. Although I bought it from a trusted shop in Malaysia, I am kind of skeptical about it being genuine. It came with a 9mm Peterson filter in it but when I intended to change the filter later I released that it got very hard to smoke it. I mean when...
  15. WillMayb

    Cleaners: Is there a Better Type

    (I'm not usually on here that often so if i dont respond its cause of timing) Ok, now Is there a better type of pipe cleaner to use, cause all i've used is craft and somehow that does not seem to either absorb the gunk or keep the draw good.
  16. janim1

    DYI pipe stand

    Got an idea to make this type of pipe stand, just something to put pipe on display, made it in about 5min and cost around 1,70€ to make. Really wanted an natural look to it, and i think it looks nice, or perhaps it looks nice to me because i finally made something? :chug:
  17. J

    Burned indent in new pipe bowl :(((((

    So I burned not an deep deep but noticeable indent into the bowl of my new macqueen cherry wood pipe :(( i am amateurish to pipe smoking and need some advice on fixing it, ie caking it up and wanting to know if this ruins a pipes life-span, again I am hitting my head against the wall for doing...
  18. RajunCajun48

    Smoke N' Joe

    I'm just curious what everyone like to smoke with their coffee? Or what coffee you like to drink with your smoke? I like my Community Coffee /w Chicory, and I found some PA in the store about a week ago, so that has been my morning/coffee smoke. Always looking to broaden my horizons! -RC
  19. Calum

    Teething problems with lighting

    Hey guys, I'm new here after trawling around for a while I thought I'd ask a question. I've recently picked up this hobby again after giving up last time because everything tastes like ash! I've come back to it and now and can taste the tobaccos finally (only on the retro hale mind!) but it's...
  20. WillMayb

    Not sure how, but i get a whistle.

    I've been barley smoking since last December and it seems like any bowl i pack right, no matter what i get it wont stop whistling. Im wondering if its my tobacco type (Borkum) or pipe type.