1. Frotz

    Mick McQuaid plug clone?

    Going further down the rabbit hole of hard-to-get and discontinued tobaccos, I found that Mick McQuaid plug is very nice. I found a couple online shops that have it, but they won't ship tobacco to the US. Does anyone know of something close to this tobacco that IS available in the US?
  2. Frotz

    Murray's Warrior Plug in the US

    I bought a plug of Murray's Warrior from a couple weeks ago and it arrived today. It smells wonderful, but I haven't smoked any yet. I can't seem to find this tobacco at any of the usual US-based online shops. Is ordering from the UK the only way to get this stuff?
  3. Sinzalot

    Rope, Plug recommendations and storage.

    Hey folks, my TAD's flaring up again and it seems the unknown delights of rope/plug are the only remedy. I've been looking at Samuel Gawith St James Plug as a possible starter but as usual I would appreciate a little guidance in the matter before pulling the trigger. Suggestions are more then...