1. Maguffin

    Controlling pipe odor while traveling

    I'm a novice pipe smoker. Recently I took a three-day trip and brought a pipe. After smoking it I didn't want it to stink up my luggage so I packed it in a ziplock bag. That may have been a mistake because it seems to have developed a moldy smell after being in the ziplock for a couple of days...
  2. dwpipes

    For Sale: Roll-Up Tobacco Pouch Plaid Flannel bag

    Flannel plaid Roll-up tobacco pouches 3.4" by 6.5" nominal finished size with black string tie. Lined with food grade vinyl. Has pocket for pipe tool and cleaners. Available in five plaid patterns. Listed on my etsy site DonWarrenPipes for $12, plus shipping. Made in USA. Length: 6.5” Height: 3.4”
  3. Frotz

    Leather roll-up pouches NOT lined with latex/rubber/etc, just plain leather

    The plastic lining of my Peterson leather roll-up pouch is starting to get hard. Who makes a decently-priced leather roll-up with just leather on the inside?