1. Pilgrim

    Not What I Ordered

    I ordered the 'cobbit elf' based on this pic: This is the pipe i received: I've had my eye on these cobbits since the beginning; i had heard there were problems with the early models so, by now, i thought they had it lined out. Today i'm...
  2. Pilgrim

    Vermont Freehand or China?

    Hey ya'll; In the past, i have purchased these churchwarden stems, the short and long versions, from Vermont Freehand. You have to sand the mold marks off the sides, cut the tenon if needed, bend them yourself and polish them yourself.
  3. Maguffin

    Pipe With Loose Stem

    I'm a newish pipe smoker and recently upgraded from a $5 beginner pipe to a $30 basket pipe. Recently I removed the stem to see if it could accept a filter or not, and ever since then the stem has been a bit loose. The bowl part of the pipe seems to want to slide a little to the right or left...
  4. RajunCajun48

    Mouthpiece too small

    So, I bought my first pipe about a year and a half ago, I did what most new pipe smokers do and I went with a basket briar. Today I pulled out that pipe that I hadn't smoked in close to a year. What I found was the mouthpiece was too small to got a pipe cleaner through. I remember this being a...