1. CoreyR

    Old Virginia Tobacco Company

    I stopped by the Old Virginia Tobacco Company location in Carytown, Richmond, Virginia, yesterday and learned that they are moving, "sometime in the next couple of months. The clerk did not know where too. If anyone else is like me and pops in there once or twice a year, I thought I should...
  2. PiperSam

    Mystery Meerschaum w/ Picture Links

    I picked this pipe up at a local antique store thinking it was a clay pipe, but it says "First Prize Meerschaum Clay Pipe" on a red label. There are no other markings. I know meerschaum is similar to clay. Is this what they mean? If not, how do I know which it is made of? I can't find anything...
  3. PiperSam

    I Have This Old Tobacco... (Parodi)

    Hello Everyone, I recently ordered a sealed pack of Parodi long cut pipe tobacco off Ebay for a fair price and was wondering if anyone could help me date it? I think it's wicked cool, but I definitely jumped the gun and didn't notice the seal was not a serialized tax stamp like I thought it...
  4. TYDiBiase

    Aro or English Blend (Cellar Advice)

    Looking to Cellar some tobacco, going to get a variety and mini mason jar them separate and take notes every 6 months-1 year. So, my question is, since I am new to this, Which is "better" to cellar? In terms of flavor which will be worth more flavor wise to cellar? Of course we all have our...
  5. erdocsg

    whats in the box?

    i have all my tobacco labelled...with chalk... i should say i HAD it labeled with chalk. I'm assuming there is no way know what it is until its smoked..and since i am still new, i probably won't be able to 'place' the tobacco's name.
  6. Maguffin

    What to do when aromatics lose their smell?

    I started pipe smoking about a year ago, mostly aromatics. I really enjoy it but I'm only able to smoke about twice a month. A few months ago I started storing all my tobaccos properly in mason jars but I have a couple aromatics that are still in plastic bags. Naturally they've lost a lot of...
  7. Rx2010

    Tobacco Pictures

    Do we have a thread for this? I searched and didn't find one. Maybe a consolidated reference for what tobaccos look like. As I start opening tins again I will post each one with the name in the post for easy searching. First up: Ruins of Isengard from Just For Him. Virginias, burley, latakia...
  8. Greenbriar

    Bob is not bush league

    I just found a new favorite. Curious from the description, and always on the search for tobaccos that I can safely categorize as my "regulars", I tacked an ounce of C&D's Bob Bushman onto my order of tins of Stanwell Melange and Frog Morton's Cellar. Smoking it was a eureka moment. I was...
  9. mainer

    Experience with custom blends? Tobacconists that do it?

    Has anyone had any experience having a custom blend made up? For quite some time, I've been thinking of having a custom blend made up, a very slightly sweet English, and might finally be ready to pull the trigger. Anyway, I was wondering anyone had experiences (positive or negative) that...
  10. Greenbriar

    Favorite Holiday Blends

    Happy Holidays everyone! Let's hear it for everyone's favorite Holiday tobaccos, past present or future! What do you like?
  11. SmokingStrider

    English Blend Recommendations

    Hello everyone! I am looking for some English Blend Recommendations. Really the only english blend I have ever smoked and I loved was And so to bed. A lot of people say Squadron Leader and I do really want to try it but a lot of reviews say that its kinda bland.
  12. BryanB

    Concerning Prince Albert...

    I purchased a "Codger Carepackage" the other day full of the blends of days gone by. In this batch, there was a box of PA. It's foul. Very foul. And that seems to me to be a shock. So I wanted to share the experience, see if maybe something;s missing here. Came in a box, wrapped in plastic...
  13. SmokingStrider

    McClelland Christmas Cheer

    I am new to smoking a pipe and pipe tobacco so sorry for the novice question, but why is this the last year McClelland is making the Christmas cheer?
  14. SmokingStrider

    Drucquer & Sons?

    Anybody know why Drucquer & Sons released new tobacco today? I'm not complaining I am just sincerely confused to see this tobacco go up for sale.
  15. SmokingStrider

    Question about Esoterica

    I am new to pipe smoking and I have a question about Esoterica's tobacco, Stonehaven, Penzance, etc. When do they usually go back in stock? I am dying to try stonehaven.
  16. Greenbriar

    MacB 7 seas black--bored. am i doing it wrong?

    Hey all first Tobacco was Captain Black Dark. Being my first tobacco and little to compare it to, i found it somewhat enjoyable but knew it didn't quite hit the spot for me. Sometime after that, still thinking black cavendish was my best bet, I bought a tin of Mac Baren 7 Seas Black. For sure...
  17. Adamu08

    Burley for a Noob

    Hi All, First of all, thank you so much for the warm welcome to the forums. It was much appreciated. As a noob to pipe smoking and following research and recommendations, I started off with the conventional Lane Limited 1Q. It's a great aromatic though, I have been having a dilemma. It smokes...
  18. Retrogasm

    Run to the hills

    Alright, you got me. The FDA tobaccolypse is looming, free chip installs in everyone's neck and men in black climbing through the windows at every blender and retailer. OTCs now come with an obligatory slap at the moment of purchase in NYS and a few brave souls have set up an underground railway...
  19. erdocsg

    hard of smelling

    am I hard of tasting or smelling? Maybe I'm to new to have a refined palate and nose, I feel that my over the counter tobacco taste the same as an aromatic blend. Am I missing something? The taste of the smoke in my mouth seems identical.
  20. erdocsg

    renaming blends (by my wife)

    Being new to pipe smoking I wanted to have my wife smell the tobacco to see her take on it. She like them very much but she thought the names were too manly. here are her suggested changes: Carter Hall--> blackberry bliss squadron leader-->woodland bonfire lane 1q-->vanilla sugar prince...