1. Lightninrod

    The flame stain on my lighter bothered me

    So I covered the opening of my bottle of Everclear with the tip of my shop towel forefinger and wet it. The Everclear dissolved the carbon stain right away. Now my lighters are shiny like new again.
  2. Lightninrod

    Just ordered

    my second Savinelli Quercia. I love my first one so much, I had to get another one. As big as it is, it's almost as light as a feather. Yes, it's a clencher. https://www.smokingpipes.com/pipes/new/savinelli/moreinfo.cfm?product_id=206826
  3. Lightninrod

    New Xicar Lighter

    I've had a Xicar lighter for decades and until a few weeks ago it worked flawlessly. It just stopped lighting. I called Xicar and they were unable to repair it and they no longer make that model. My new Scibe model arrived today. Very unique. Watch the video to see how it works...
  4. Lightninrod

    Cleaning 'tool' for our pipes

    A few weeks ago I started using a can of compressed air(got mine from an Office Depot) to blast out moisture, flakes, dust, etc from my pipes. I remove the mouthpiece and then squirt 3 or 4 blasts in the bowl and into the stem. I have a 'wet mouth' that introduces moisture into my pipes. The...