1. Jazzzzzzz1


    I was on eBay the other day, looking to stock up on some flints for my thunderbird insert. Does flint color have anything to do with quality?
  2. Maguffin

    Best Lighter For Occasional Use?

    I only smoke my pipe about twice a month. I've been using matches but they are tough when it's windy and sometimes it's hard to keep the bottom of the bowl lit. I've tried your basic Bic cigarette lighter but it's very awkward to hold and tip down into the bowl without burning my fingers. I've...
  3. erdocsg

    firebird butane versus zippo

    Go! I just bought a zippo and it seems like it will be running out of fuel every few days. is it more economical to buy the butane insert?
  4. Frotz

    Zippo insert creeping out of case

    I first became interested in Zippo lighters when I first partook of cigars many years ago. I never used a Zippo for lighting a pipe until last week when I acquired a new one. Then and now, I noticed that as the lid is opened and closed, the insert rocks back and forth and thus gradually creeps...
  5. Frotz

    Zippo flame problems

    I just got a Zippo with a pipe lighter insert and so far, I'm not really happy with it. I don't have a problem with funny tastes. The flame doesn't dip down nearly as far as I need it to really get a good light. Should I have to puff hard and fast to get a pipe lit with a Zippo? I don't see...