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1 Q

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I think it's an extraordinary tobacco. If I'm not mistaken, it is still the top-selling bulk in the USA.

On the positive side, it is very easy to smoke. It's an easy-to-burn shag cut, has a delightful vanilla custard sort of aroma that seems to please many people, and it's both widely available and mercifully inexpensive. It's so widely smoked that for many non-smokers, it probably defines what they think of as the smell of "pipe tobacco" (well...1-Q and Captain Black, let's say).

On the negative side, it's loaded with humectants, doesn't have much in the way of tobacco flavor, and doesn't seem to offer much nicotine.

Personally, I smoke about a half dozen bowls of 1-Q per year and always in a filtered pipe because I find 1-Q to be a little steamy and bitey otherwise. I don't think I could smoke it more often and still enjoy it. But when I get a craving, nothing else will do. So, yeah, I always have a little sitting in a jar.
Great blend for those moments when I'm in the mood for something sweet. Not overly cloying like other more expensive blends out there. And for the hard core aromatic lover, well, the price is great.


I don't care for it. But I don't like any aromatics very much, and then, only the subtlest of them.

Aside from the aromatic, it also has too much propylene glycol for me.


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When I first tried it, I didn't care for it. Only kept smoking it because the wife enjoyed the fragrance. The more of it I smoked, the more I liked it. Now it is my favorite aro, along with PS Pistachio. I always keep a pound on the shelf, although I don't smoke it every day.


I like the 1-Q blend as it has a nice mild flavor and burns really well. I've recently discovered Virginia tobacco (DF) and now prefer that vs the aros such as 1-Q. For me, it has more 'body' and the flavors are just as sweet, I'd venture to say more satisfying? I find 1Q predictable and a nice smoke when the mood calls for it.
i liked it, but.... something about it was too easy. too easy to smoke, too easy to like, too easy for others around me to like, too easy to get. i'm more into flakes though and it goes with my natical theme, so there. i think it tasts of caramel and slightly of nuts. its a easy smoke, but not enough to hold my short attention span. i'm glad so many people like it though. more chocolate flake for me!!!
It's mild, not a remarkable flavor, but not offensive, and doesn't ghost either. I keep a variant of it around as a break-in tobacco for all my pipes. You may as well name it "cake builder". As always, YMMV.

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This tobacco is what I term as a "mild" aromatic. The flavor isnt super heavy, and as stated it doesnt destroy the next smoke with heavy ghosting. I also believe there are many B&M's that rename it as a house blend.
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