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1 Q

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I like to smoke 1Q & BCA blended at a 1:1 ratio from time to time. It's one of the few aromatics that I like. It has a nice burn and finish. It's a go to when I find myself in a social setting, want to make friends, and don't want to offend anyone. You could also try it blended 1:1 with RLP. That's pretty good too. It is a very popular choice and I think more people smoke it than admit to it. I'm not a big fan of cased and/or topped tobaccos, but whatever Lane does to 1Q makes it a worldwide favorite.

Ozark Nick

Got a sample a couple months back. Both times I've tried it I had severe stomach cramps a couple hours later. Not interested in trying a third time. Tasted good though. Lane's Captain Black makes my head spin, but never had stomach issues before.


Chalk me up as another non-fan. It tastes a little like vanilla, but beyond that it's pretty crappy. Makes my head hurt, and just... blah. There's even OTC brands that are better than this "#1 best selling tobacco in the country" crap.
I just received an order of tobacco which included some 1Q, I'm about 3/4 way through my first bowl and must say I like it. At the suggestion of a fellow PSFer I dried it a bit first and had no moisture issues which I normally have due to the way I puff. Maybe I'm just getting better with my technique. Hope it continues to be good to me.


I LOVE the smell of 1-Q...but find it disappointing when smoked. And it seems to leave a chemical aftertaste in my mouth after smoking it. Obviously I'm in the minority here if it's the best-selling pipe tobacco in the U.S.
I fall into the "middle" category- I have a bowl or 2 of it once-in-a-while. It's currently the only aro I have on hand, and I'm content to smoke it in my Falcon every other month, or so. I have never had any bite from it, and when I let a bowl's worth sit and dry for 20 mins prior to smoke, I don't have any moisture issues, either.

I'd say, there's nothing really offensive about it to me, it's just not my fav.

Tony Malerich

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I haven't had any in a while (have been trying out some other aros), but I've generally found this to be a pretty tasty smoke. One thing of note with aros in general, like many other blends when a pipe has been broken in with them it does help the flavor quite a bit, even with an aromatic (IMHO at least). I was so-so on aros for a long time, but then I got an estate that had obviously been exclusively an aro pipe. I cleaned it up pretty well, and then put some aros in it, and it was the best they'd ever tasted. Now I have a small handful of aro pipes -- they're still the minority in my collection, but they've made things much more enjoyable on those occasions.
For people who might want to try a (very) similar alternative to 1-Q, Peter Stokkebye Sweet Vanilla is quite close. The two look identical spread out on a plate. The pouch aroma is almost identical. My uneducated sense of taste says 1-Q may be a little sweeter. The smoking characteristics are the same, as far as I can tell. PS SV even costs less than 1-Q.

For me, they both are a bit "thin" and plain - light virginia with vanilla sweetness on top. I could throw in some black cavendish, as mentioned, but I'm thinking maybe some mild burley might give these some substance. I'm reluctant to waste good burley, though - it may be best to just take them for what they are.
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