7 words on keeping a pipe lit

That's seven wise words!
There always seems to be a lot of emphasis put upon being able to keep a bowlful going right from the initial charring light though to the very last puff with the least amount of relight or even no relights at all.
It always concerns me greatly that folks who are new to pipesmoking may end up just giving up on the pipe because they make a very conscious effort to achieve this only to keep on suffering with bad cases of the dreaded Tongue-Bite.
Now I don't profess to having had half a lifetime of pipesmoking so far but I've a few years of pipesmoking under my belt.
I appreciate (and indeed practice without really thinking too much about it) the need to smoke a pipe slowly and gently to get the most all round pleasure out of a pipe and the tobacco that I'm smoking in the bowl.
But to smoke a pipe from start to finish without any relights (and if even doing it slowly and gently) will still lead to a hot bowl and Tongue-Bite nearly as easily as puffing like a steam train to prevent it from going out.
A pipe to my mind should be allowed to go out now and again throughout the course of a bowlful. To me pipe tobacco is one of the most natural forms of and indeed ways of enjoying tobacco. Being so much more natural when compared with say tobacco specifically for factory produced packet cigarettes and all of the various additives/chemicals to aid continuous combustion, tobacco for pipes will mostly and quite naturally go out.

Just my thoughts on the matter anyway, sorry if I've rambled and ranted on.


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It's an upside down fire.

Tend it.

Indeed, the tending of the fire is half the delight of being a pipe smoker.
Relight as needed and enjoy when you don’t have to.
It`s all about the enjoyment, the perfect burn is obtainable, and should be sought after. With practice they become more prevalent in there frequency. Pipe smoking is an art, or just burning tobacco, choose your path to enjoyment.
When I started this thread I was thinking specifically about the upside down fire, less than the seven words. Maybe I’m weird, but that never occurred to me and it seems useful to consider.

No. I’m definitely weird.
That's not the first time I heard that.
So what you are saying is I should light my pipe whilst standing on my head?