A UK 2013 Growing Log

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Dam it ! :mad: I've just come back from checking the Barn and forgot to measure it, till I saw the above post :wch:
had a nice surprise though the 3rd Lizard Tail Orinoco Sucker crop has all flowered :msty: (post #414)
I reckon another couple of days then I'll the Bear will strip the stalks and do the Final Blocking, with the Flowers in as well :rolleyes:



Well it's been awhile since I've checked in but you've seemed to have figured it out. Congratulations to you my friend. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. I hope to post a grow next year. I'm in college so it will probably be more of a hobby grow.

God bless and
Happy :bing:


I will say this:
I bought some whole leaf tobacco and that stuff is rough without toasting and casing!!! One thing that turned me off from ryo for cigarettes. Just to much work when your family goes through over 30 cartons a year.
Wicker, I just spent 3 days reading this thread. Wow.
I'm for sure going to be looking for that growers guide you promised us. :thu2:

What are the dimensions of your color cure barn? Did you feel like it was big enough?
1st off cheers :toast: olddog, WrightwoodJohn, AustinLM, psquared, Jonesy and JimmyO
I built the shed out of 1/4 round ship lap boards and 2" x 2" timber to fit the space I had and fit my Enfield 500 Bullet motorbike in it
so measuring it today on a big clean out it's (internal) 7' 6" long 5' 6" wide and 6' 10" high on the left hand side,the Kingspan fits flush with the 2x2

I've put the front garden cast table and two chairs in for winter to protect them and give me another smoking den as well as the big back garden workshop shed

I found an offcut of a new piece of carpet in a skip the other day, just a fit

back garden shed

and for psquared the last round Block is still getting a tiny jack tweak every day but I'll post when it comes out
Pics of the block with the flowers or all of this was a big photoshop job.;)
here you go psquared took the Block out this morning

smoked a couple of bowlfulls of the crumbs and it's superb :th1:

But unless it's a really bad harvest of main leaves next year (hells bells where's this one gone :cfsd: )
I'll not bother with Sucker crops, too much work and electricity use for not much return other than the learning curve :whis:
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