any reason to not smoke a cob???

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I'd say I alternate about 50-50 between briar and cobs. As has been mentioned above, cobs are lightweight, good smokers, easy to pack and cheap... I can't see why a pipe smoker would never at least try one!

That said, if I'm going out for a few beers and plan on taking a pipe with me, it will always be a briar. Quite frankly, I dislike how a cob looks... a little bit too Hick Town, USA for me! (No offence, Hick Towners :bag:)

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Have you checked out some of the modified cobs available on here? Some of our resident PSF'ers have some great takes on the original. You've gotta check out Basil Meadow's bullittproof cobs, I smoke mine pretty regularly and it looks and smokes awesome (you'll see what I mean if you scope for pics). DGErwin also makes some brilliant modified cobs, his are definitely worth checking out also. Both have etsy sites I believe.

Completely misread this thread and thought scopawl's post was the first. Oops! I like cob, but I'll always go back to briar time and time again. Can't beat them for feel and aesthetics


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As others said, it's a matter of preference. I smoke a cob 90-95% of the time unless I'm smoking an English or Balkan blend (so I guess that's more like 60% of my overall smoking). Somehow Latakia just tastes better in a wide briar.
Rather than getting a cheap briar to try out, go for a better, well crafted briar like Savinelli or Peterson or Stanwell in a $60-100 range. If you don't like it you can always sell it. Thing is that at least in my experience a cob smokes as well or better than most briars in that price range. Otherwise you'll just get an experience that's inferior to the one with a cob.
And don't forget clays. Clays are just incredible.
Aesthetically though, briars are the most pleasing and look more respectable. Corn has this hick-redneck thing associated with it... Which doesn't bother me. If you see a guy walking on a street in Manhattan or Brooklyn with a cob in his teeth, it'll probably be me :puffy:


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Cobs Rock ... Rock Cobs rock too ! Briars are killer and I wouldnt want to not smoke them . Theres nothing wrong if ya just smoked cobs .. but variety is the spice of life :th1:


I own two high end Savinelli pipes and two Altinok meerschaum pipes, but even I will break out a MM cob every once in a while. You are never too rich or too classy for a cob. I have no problem walking around wearing a suit and smoking a MM cob at the same time. I could give a darn what anyone else thinks of it, cobs are cool!

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Cobs are much more forgiving of poor technique(or lapses in same). Whenever I found one of my briars giving me fits, I'd fall back to my trusty cobs. I only mention this in case you get frustrated with your early briar attempts. Just don't give up if you try the briar route. As said, it's all good. Just that cobs are great!


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I have some very nice briars, nothing super fancy, but nice nonetheless, and with certain tobaccos (not necessarily blend types [like English, Burley, VaPer, etc.], but, individual tobacco themselves), I'll reach for certain briars, knowing I'll get the best out of that tobacco with a certain briar pipe. But, by the same token, there are certain tobaccos that I will only smoke in a cob, as, to me, only a cob will bring out the best (as in, best flavor or smoking qualities, to my taste) in a certain blend.

I think it really just depends on the individual pipe/individual blend combo. The same tobacco blend, smoked out of two of the same type of cobs, same model briars, etc., may make that same blend taste completely different. But, it sounds you know what you like, and, while it's beneficial to experiment, why fix it if it ain't broke?

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