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Ashton or Ferndown

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I'll be adding a new piece of briar to my collection in late August.
I'm torn between getting a new Ashton pipe or a Ferndown pipe by L & JS Briars.

I currently own neither and have heard good things about both.
Any recommendations or thoughts (good or bad) would be much obliged ;)

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I'm in the same boat, except for being up for adding one to my collection. That won't be any time soon. But I'd think either should be quite nice.


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I prefer Ashton, only because they make larger sized pipes!

Generally speaking, you absolutely cannot go wrong with either. Both great British marques. Ferndown gets the nod if you're looking for stellar silver work, as Les Wood is an incredible silvermeister. Then again, he did a lot of the Ashton silver work as well.

See? It's 6 of one, half-dozen of the other. Pick one and smoke in good health. Or screw the difficult choices and buy one of both! :D
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