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Attractive basket churchwardens

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Whalehead King

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Interesting churchwardens here: http://www.milantobacco.com/churchwarden_pipes_james_norman_extension.htm

I'm not really in the market for a churchwarden at the moment, but I like these see-through stems. The website is kind enough to state that these pipes fall into "basket territory" as far as quality is concerned. I've never heard of James Norman, Ltd., but I haven't heard of a lot of things.

Has tired one of these pipes? Has anyone done any business with Milan Tobacconists. They seem to be on the up-and-up.

Thanks, WK


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Wow, a $55.00 "Basket Pipe"?? I can get a $15.00 Basket church warden at JR's. In my eye $55.00 pipe is not a basket pipe.

Now that being said? I like them, Beale.


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Interesting post, and it raises a few issues: On-line pipe purchases can be an iffy proposition, the mark-up on a pipe may be obsenely huge, there may be no telling what we're actually getting when we buy a pipe - whether we see it before hand or not, and those often derided Italian basket pipes may actually be very good pipes made by families of true craftsmen who pride (and support) themselves on offering good pipes at fair pirces. The latter point may be more true than many want to admit because I've only ever had one basket pipe that was a bad smoker, and I've bought a bunch over the years; however, I've bought one Dunhill and it was a real lemon.

As far as the point of the post, I'm going to give any pipe supplied via James Norman a wide birth since it appears that they sell counterfeit pipes. And if they have to go around selling counterfeit Italian basket pipes, then perhaps they truly are unscrupulous. Really, just how much profit can you make by cheating such a company? Of course, none of the claims may be true and it could simply be the result of some sort of grudge. Still, that posting gives me cause for concern.
No experience with those pipes but Milan has some very nice tobacco. I've done business with Milan twice for both tobacco and a pipe and they are defintely on the up n' up. I'm very fond of their english blend Rovada.
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