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B-day Savinelli Review and...

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My fellow Pipe Smokers

The Savinelli 316ex is wonderful! I smoked a whole bowl of Smokers Pride Black Cavendish mixed with PA and Paladin Black Cherry yesterday down by the lake. First smoke. Top to bottom on basically one match and no toby left in the bottom. I say basically because it took me two matches to get a coal to take on the ENORMOUS top surface. The walls are thick true, but I have big hands and can hardly fit my thumb and index finger around the top of the pipe. This is nice though, it feels like it was made for a guy with bigger hands. I had a Dr. Grabow Duke straight billiard that made for a nice smoke, and good clencher, but it felt small in my hands. Not a problem with the Savinelli. Though it is a bit heavy to just hold in my mouth.

Today I decided that even though the inside is "carbonized" I am going to try to break it in like everybody says you're supposed to with a bruyere pipe. So I've smoked two half bowls out of it today instead of one whole bowl. :) YUM. The only thing that I really don't like is that two of the three times I've loaded it up, when doing test draws before I light I end up sucking toby up the stem... blech. I suppose I just need to be a little more careful about this. This is my first pipe where the hole is pretty much right at the bottom of the pipe instead of towards the bottom at the side.

Now for my question. Do different chamber shapes allow for a slower puffing cadence? Or am I just getting better at smoking slower? This pipe is a "bent pot" with a large more squarish chamber.

Overall I'm very happy with pipe. It was a great b-day present that I hope to enjoy for years to come! :)

Happy Smoking

P.S. Thanks to all for the b-day wishes!


Different chambers encourage/work best with different packing techniques, so it may just be that the way you do things works with that pipe and/or that tobacco. And you're probably just "getting better" to boot.
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