Balkan Sobranie back?

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I just came back to PSF after some time away and might have missed something. I just saw that Balkan Sobranie White is available. I thought it was discontinued years ago. Is this the original BS? When did it return? maybe I just missed happens.
Arango Cigar got together with the folks at J.F. Germain and released a blend under the name "Balkan Sobranie Original Blend" which reputedly is based on the blending notes from the House of Sobranie itself. There seems to be some disagreement amongst pipe-smokers as to just how well this iteration captures the essence of prior; I find it very dissimilar from the 70's version, however much closer to the late 80's production pouches.


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I was lucky enough to receive a sample from a sealed tin that had been cellared since the late 60's, there is really no comparing the old with the new, even without the aging, don't get me wrong I like them both just found them quite a bit dissimilar, still have about 3 bowls left, will sell for $100 :rolleyes: , just kidding:xd:.


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I think I tried the old one back in the 80's, but my palate was not developed enough at that time. Now I may try the new just to see what it is like.
Confessions of a Pipe Smoker: Ditto. I tried it back in my tobacco snob days and pronounced it a capital blend just cuz that's what I thought I should do to sound like a sophisticated pipe smoker. Unfortunately, I was too damn ignorant to really appreciate it so I never got anything out of it. I remember it was a Balkan and that it was a good Balkan, but my palate was undeveloped and my thoughts on pipe smoking were shallow.
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