Beginner tobacco variety! Do I have some good ones.?

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So I'm sure you have read a million noob forums about what tabacco to get. So if they is a good thread that asks the same questions plz direct me the right way. If not I hope u can help me out.

Well I've smoked a pipe about 5-10 times and absolutely love it. I've done research over the last month and finally decided on a Donegal Rocky (B10) P-Lip pipe..

The tabacoo I have smoked before has only been sherlock Holmes and a house blend from a shop in indy. So I'm not really sure what I like but I thought I would get 3-4 tins and see what my style is.

I'd like to get 1 aromatic, 1 English, 1 Virginia and maybe 1 Latakia blend

What do you think of these choices

Mac Baren Mixture: Scottish Blend - for aromatic
McClelland Tinned Premium: Mellow Mack - English and Virginia Blend
Dunhill My Mixture 965 - English
Peterson irish whiskey - just because I love Jamerson and other irish whiskeys

I have seen other Dunhill that sound interesting like the Early Morning. But my schedule doesn't allow me to smoke until the evening.

So basically id like to get 3-4 tins to try and see what my palate likes the best. Please correct me if I'm wrong on anything I said above as I am a noob and may have not said something correctly . Thanks for any advice.

I think you nailed it. The best way to start experimenting is to experiment. A lot of time new pipe smokers are told to stick with this or that type of blend and that's not always the best. Try different styles, see what you like best, and proceed in that direction (and if you like it all, then proceed in all directions)

Keep in mind: while you may like, say, latakia blends, you may not be able to taste the complexity of a blend right away. That's fine, and that's normal. The more you smoke and experiment the more you "educate" your pallet, just like drinking wine. Your tastes will change too, so you may find you like something you previously hated. For instance, many smokers think burley is boring, but after a while they learn to appreciate it (or it might just not be for them).

Make sure you revisit blends every so often. If you truly hate them then no reason to revisit. But if you find something boring try it again after a while, you might be surprised.

Happy puffing


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Sounds like a decent mix.

Note that Early Morning Pipe can be smoked any time. I know a few folks that smoke it all day long.
I assumed that EMP could be smoked any time of day. Just thought it might taste best in the mornings.. Or might be kinda like port.. Where yes u can drink it any time but it's typically enjoyed as ur last glass of wine for the night.



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Just noticed that you have Mellow Mack listed as an English and Virginia blend. It is most definitely an aromatic, much more so than Scottish Mixture.

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Ive been smoking since 2011 and im still trying to figure out what i like. At 1st i hated latakia and now it has grown on me. Also the internet is a major force for tad. before a smoker was stuck with what his local shop had but with the internet all blends are available to you with a click of a button.

Set aside a amount of money per month for trying out new blends and get a corn cob for trying out the blends.
Just noticed that you have Mellow Mack listed as an English and Virginia blend. It is most definitely an aromatic, much more so than Scottish Mixture.

Have you had both before?

Would you recommend the scottish mixture or the Mellow Mack?

Any recommendations on an English Virginia blend you like?


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An English Virginia hmmm... Well, let me help you out a bit.
"English" is a catch-all for a wide variety of blends which typically include Oriental and Virginia tobacco's, with other "condiments."

English blends may include any and all of the following tobacco's: Turkish aka Oriental, Virginia, Latakia, "Cavendish," Burley, and Perique. Which is to say all of them. Different combinations of each result in very different blends.

I personally like "medium" (i.e. Dunhill London Mixture) to latakia-bomb (i.e. GLPease Odyssey) English blends.

The Frog Morton series put out by McClelland is quite popular and worth checking out, particularly as a relative newcomer. McClelland Virginia's have a distinct smell, and some would argue flavor, that is notable in most of their blends.
Ok Spillproof, thanks for the explanation! Really good to know.

I've altered my choices a little

Peterson: Irish Whiskey
Dunhill: My mixture 965
Dunhill: Nightcap
McClelland: Frog Morton Across the Pond

McClelland: Mellow Mack or Mac Baren: Scottish Blend?

Does that give good variety or are any pretty similar that i should switch one out?


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Personally I would switch out 965 for Early Morning Pipe and go with Mellow Mack over Scottish Blend. I think that will add greater variety.

I JUST placed my ORDER!! I'm so excited to have my own pipe now.

I got the Donegal Rocky (B10) P-Lip pipe by Peterson
Dunhill: Early Morning pipe
Dunhill: Nightcap
McClelland: Frog Morton Across the Pond
McClelland:Mellow Mack

Thanks so much on our your help for my first pipe and tabacco purchase!


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I would recommend McClelland 2000 over Mac Baren for an aromatic blend. And I would pick up a tin of FMOTT. You're probably going to love the Frog.
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