Beginner VaPer?

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So I don't think I've ever had a perique. And I see a lot of people love vapers so what's a good one to try out. Something cheaper or mild. I tried latakia and that's just not for me so I figured I'd try all the styles eventually


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Cant go wrong with Orlik Golden Sliced. Its light on the perique (some say it doenst have any at all, and it may not, but its worth it, nonetheless). Peter Stokkybyes Luxury Navy Flake is another good one...a great one, actually. Both are great values too...most OGS tins sell for around $6 online...and LNF is widely available in bulk at great prices. Granted, these are both flakes. If you want something in ready rubbed form, I would suggest Aj's VaPer from Hearth and Home...Peretti Park Square is a good one too, although it is also weak in perique...not as much so as OGS, however...


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I'm of a different mind when it comes to VaPer's. Escudo is a terrific VaPer but to start off with, I would recomment HH AJ's VaPer. It has all that a VaPer should have and is quite reasonable in the price department.

If you like AJ's, then you will like any VaPer.

another BIG vote for OGS and PS LNF. love some escudo, but possibly not to start out with. and i have enjoyed H&H louisiana red and 4 noggins prairie wind for great bulks. actually, all of these (except escudo) are pretty cost effective, really.

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For an easy beginner VaPer I would recommend these two:

Hearth & Home - Anniversary Cake
Hearth & Home - AJ's VaPer

Both are cheap, super easy to smoke, and both great VaPers. They are both mild and then I would move into Escudo, Scottish Cake, and Elizabethan (when it comes back out).

Also, not tooting my own horn, but check out the VaPer Showdown that I posted a while back:
Escudo. If you don't like it then jar it up and try it again in 6 months to a year. I tell anyone who starts smoking a pipe to buy a sleeve of escudo and put it away, sooner or later you'll be glad you did and if you really don't enjoy vapers they trading value of aged escudo is solid.
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