Best pipe lighters

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What have you found to be the best pipe lighters. Get some non-Bicks at b&m which work okay, but not the best. I have a Ronson, but don't really like it. It shoots a strong flame, but it dies out too quickly.

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There are a few long threads on lighters, poke around a little bit.
Zippo's pipe lighter, or a Zippo with the Tbird pipe insert seem to be pretty popular,and always have Bic's on your list, they are better than most other cheap butanes out there.
After that the list goes on for a while, based upon personal preference and price range

Russell Hartman

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For me I have 3 lighters that work well. They are all flint and petrol/lighter fluid(Ronson or Zippo fuel).
I have NO good things to say about peizo-electric and Butane lighters as I have NOT had good experiences with them.
#1--Zippo with a pipe lighter insert in it--NOT Thunderbird insert.
#2--An old Below Golmet Motorist in tip-top condition--it also is super reliable.
#3--An IMCO no longer made lighter--also very reliable.

All of these NEVER have failed me yet. I am outside to do ALL of my pipe smoking and the Zippo with pipe insert is as reliable as it gets and lights in some pretty stiff winds for me. The other two although highly reliable are more of what I term as "old school" nastalgia pieces as far as lighters go.
I would tell anyone--DO NOT waste your money or time on Butane peizo-electric lighters as they are VERY prone to failure and breakage.

Some will tell you that top of the line is going to be a Corona Ol' Boy. I do not own one as they are far too expensive for my liking and are of no use outdoors in a stiff breeze or wind. They are nice and I have looked at many--just never saw a need for a $100.00 plus lighter as lighters such as the Zippo with a pipe insert fit my needs far better.
Good luck in your quest for a new pipe lighter.


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I have a Benlow as well, I just don't list it as a choice because its pretty hard to find one sometimes, otherwise it doesn't get any simpler of a design, wish it held more fuel though is all,great lighter for pipes

Russell Hartman

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I have a "Rogers" pipe lighter that looks exactly like the Benlow-Golmet Motorist.
I love them both and treat them with care as I do see them from time to time on Ebay but both of mine are free from dings and scratches and in great shape.
As I said its more of a nastalgia thing and having a lighter thats different from what everyone else is toting around.
The construction of the Belows and the Rogers amazes me compared to some of the cheap crap I see on the market today.
I have to remember those lighters(at least mine) are fairly old.


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I keep eyeballing the Beattie, on one hand its a accident waiting to happen, on the other hand it looks like it could be a great pipe lighter.

My Benlow is great condition also, just the snuffer shaft the coating has worn off from the ball bearing


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Cheap butane is a big issue,more with torches than soft flame lighters but still important, 3 times refined is the least I always recommend 5 times is better.

+1 on Russell Hartman's recommendation on staying away from piezo lighters, with the possible exception of a few I've seen in the less than $15 dollar range, some of those will last about a year, about as long as some $100 ones I've had.

My old boy is indeed the top of the line and the best lighter I've ever had....and I have a Dunhill and a $450 Montecristo cigar lighter I got as a bonus working in the cigar shop.

If you want to use it in the wind tho, Zippo is the only way to go. I've got about a dozen Zippo's and love en all.


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I don't have an Old Boy but I want one, badly. Whenever I'm at the pipe shop I use my buddy's and they really do put out the perfect flame for a pipe. They are prohibitively expensive though.

I have a zippo w/ insert and I use it for cobs and when I'm in the field. They work great but you have to let them burn for a second before lighting your pipe or you'll get a bit of lighter-fluid taste.

Mostly I use matches, Swans when I have them, and sometimes a Bic (*but don't tell anyone that last part).


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I've got a Vertigo piezo lighter which worked for about three weeks before the spark mechanism became unreliable. (Unworkable.)
My Zippo pipe lighter is extra reliable and about the only thing that will work in the wind. It's a great lighter but I prefer a butane lighter.
My favorite is a cheap (8 bucks) IMCO G77R butane with flint spark. Almost as reliable as the Zippo, easy to fill, can be cranked enough to get a light in the wind usually. The only thing it's missing is it ain't fancy looking, and I kind of wish it was.

,,,...several of the members here have mentioned a zippo with an insert. what is the insert??

.........can someone send me a link of what is the zippo insert and what does it do?


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I just use a plain ol' bic lighter. I have three in my collection :byg:. I went through my share of mid to fairly expensive pipe lighters. Though they were nice but not very reliable and long lasting. It's a PIA trying to light a pipe outdoors with a bic so I come in the garage or step inside for a bit to get her going. I am interested in this talk about zippo's with an insert.

Zippo for pipes is my best for outside the house.
Inside, I bought a Peterson old Boy and, after owning a Colibri and other imitations that only brought dissatisfaction and frustration, I am very happy wit it. And the price is right.


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I bought the Jifeng copy of the Old Boy and it's not bad. The quality in terms of materials and construction is, of course, far inferior, but it puts out a perfect flame, just like the Old Boy. I'll see how it holds up, but so far it seems it was worth the $23.

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