Blending Ideas for Virginias?

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So I have a Virginia blend I picked up from my local smoke shop. It's a bulk blend. I know he ordered it from somewhere but I can't ever get him to tell me what the actual names of the blends are, because he's afraid I'm going to buy them online instead of from him. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, I LOVE the taste of them, but holy crap, they bite. My mouth is a little to sensitive for straight VA's, methinks...

I figured I'd just get some toasted Cavendish and mix it in, but would that dull the flavor of the VA's too much? Any ideas on something good to mix with this so that it cuts out the bite without killing too much of the tasty VA flavor?


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I just can't get into VAs, unless their in the minority. One of my favorite "in the pouch" aroma's is Virginia #1, but I need to blend it with different burley's and orientals, but its best for me if it makes up only between 10-25% of the bowl amount.


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I'm a Virginia lover, but blending them at home is really a trial and error venture. I'd get a good Burley and mix in 10 to 20% in small batches until you find something you like.
My first suggestion would be to dilute the Virginia with some Toasted Black Cavendish, maybe you can do 75% Virginia and 25% Black Cav. That should help with the bite issue and sweeten it up. Put it in a jar, let it marry for at least 2 weeks, give it a smoke. Adjust the Virginia to Cavendish ratio to taste (I would suggest smoking a bowl of the plain Cavendish to give you an idea of its properties)

If, after this experiment, you feel like it needs a little something else then you can probably add other components to the mix. Burley (plain) goes well with a Virginia, so does Latakia. If you use Latakia, be CAREFUL with the ration as anything over 10% will seriously affect the taste.

You can also add about 5% perique to your Virginia and see where that takes you.

From reading your post, it seems you want to keep the main characteristics of the Virginias you are smoking front and center, so keep the following in mind:
1.- Smoke a bowl of whatever tobacco you are going to add (except perique) to give you a good idea of its strength and how it will dilute the Virginia. If you are still in doubt, smoke another bowl.
2. Keep the Virginia you like at a high ratio, over 50% (actually, I'd say no less than 60%)
3.- Blend in small batches (maybe about an ounce at a time) - here's where a digital scale pays off. That way if you screw up, you don't waste too much tobacco. Blend 2 or 3 different mixtures (total of about 3 ounces), see what you like best, and continue in that direction.
4.- last, but not least, make sure you let the tobaccos marry, at least 2 weeks. You can use a mason jar for that.

Here's another tip. make a very VERY mild solution of vinegar and water (about 8 parts water to 1 of vinegar). Spray the tobacco once (if it's a small quantity). Toss it with your hands, put it in a mason jar, press it down tight, and close it. This should help the marrying process. If it comes out a little moist after the 2 weeks, well, let a portion dry out 10 to 15 minutes before packing.

Sorry for the long answer and I hope this helps.

Good luck


I will second the burely suggestion. I got some red va blending tobacco and some white burley and mixing some of the white burley into the va seems to bring down the bite and the temperature.
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