boswell order

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i'm placing an order on monday. i've heard that 9oz fits in their smallest box so i intend to fill it. I have the following in mind:

Berry Cobbler
Chocolate Cream
Raspberry Cream
Spice and Nice
Sweet Tea

all 1oz except for the northwoods, 2oz for that one. thats 7oz, so i can order 2 more. recommendations? another blend or more of one i've already selected?

thanks for the opinions!
I was quiet disjointedness with Christmas Cookie, and IME, it doesn't have a long shelf life, I wouldn't get it but that's just me.

Apple Strudel is one, guy on youtube quoted, "Like Christmas Cookie...on Crack"
If you like cherry go with Either "Pennsylvania Dutch Treat" OR "Bear Blend", both highly recommended on Tobacco Reviews.
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