Bulk blends with deer tongue?

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Hi all,
I have been wanting to try a tobacco with Deer Tongue.
Since I like venison jerky, I figured I would like this too.
(Just kidding! I know it's a plant)
What bulk blends do you suggest, so that maybe I can buy an ounce at a time to try?
Thanks in advance


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TXpipesmoker said he was gonna send me some back in February. I was looking forward to trying them.

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My hat is off to you, sir. Keep us posted on what you find.

This could be a lucky smoke when going to the track to bet on the ponies.

Smoke in good health,
I think it tastes like vanilla. I enjoy it, if its not overdone. I've never had Crooner, but I have a little New Market in the ol' cellar. My B&M sells it in bulk and I think it's actually C&D New Market (available only in bulk). M-ing, I'd be willing to part with it if you want--just shoot me a PM if interested.


Have tried Crooner and Mojo. Crooner tastes well when you first light it, but gets unbelievable sour by the halfway through the bowl. I gave some to a friend, telling him I didn't care for it but not saying why, and he said the same thing and stopped smoking the bowl.

Mojo fared a little better, but by this point, I think I had lost my interest in deer tongue.

Agree that it tastes very much like vanila--but without being an actual aromoatic.

I'd be curious to try some in cake/flake or rope form.
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