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Bulldog Pipes


Bulldogs/rhodesian are my favorite shape of pipe. Just got a Peterson 80s Estate for a steal on ebay. First Pete and it looks awesome. Haven't smoked it yet, cause I still need to clean it up a bit.


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As I understand the nomenclature, Rhodesian is the generic term for a pipe with that distinctive bowl shape, while Bulldog is supposed to be the diamond shank variation.

Don't quote me on this....there are as many opinions as there are Rhodesian/Bulldog aficionados.
Haha, I love all the confusion Bulldog v. Rhodesian. They don't make it easy, do they? From what I've seen, the most common definition is bulldog=diamond shank, Rhodesian=round shank. However, I've seeen bulldogs are straight and Rhodesians are round, and less commonly I've seen bulldogs have the taller bowl/crown and Rhodesians have the shorter squat bowl/crown. Then there are the ones that manufacturers seem to randomly call one or the other even though they fit all the definitions of the other better. Confused yet?

I usually just go with the most common definition, bulldogs have the square/diamond shank, Rhodesians have the round shank. The bulldog (using that defintion), both straight and bent, is definitely in my top 4 shapes (the others are the author, the bent billiard, and the straight apple) with the bulldog usually being on top of the others (if just barely) and no matter my mood it always seems to be in the top 2.

Hmm, I think I'll have to dig up some photos in a bit, and make some more for my newer (to me) bulldogs.

For more fun re. bulldog v. Rhodesian, here is what GL Pease has to say: http://www.glpease.com/Pipes/Shapes/Bulldogs.php