C&D Billy Bud

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Dont know how popular this blend is or whether how much its liked but I recently bought 2 new blends to try based on reviews on tobaccoreviews and here is mine for this one particular blend.

Now Cornell and Diehl have soem really good ones out there im sure but ive only purchased 2 from them along with some GL Pease which ive been told they also make as well.

This one is a blend said to be heavy in latakia and has some maduro cigar leaf in as well and is described as full bodied.

Now let me say, I usually supplement my nic with some good old american moist snuff like copenhagen or redman fine cut because as relaxing as a good pipe is I usually never get enough good nic hit to just be satisfied with pipes alone. ( This also includes 1792 which some said had a dizzying amount of vitamin N but didnt do much for me other than a breif buzz )

The initial bag aroma ( its a bulk blend ) was very very smokey and earthy kinda reminded me of a pipe after just being smoked. Its an unusual color for pipe tobacco that ive seen mostly dark tobaccos which have a hazelnut to chocolate color with no really bright tobaccos coming through at all.

Now just the smell from the bag I could tell this isnt room friendly at all and the wife was quick to point that out as well as soon as I arrived home from smoking earlier she had about 5 scented candles lit. lol

The initial light was quick to start as the tobacco seemed to be at the perfect moisture level for smoking and took flame well.

After the relight it stayed lit with only 2 more lights in a Deep Boswell Bowl and had no problems at all.

Now this is a very tastey blend in a good and bad way.

It definately tastes of smoke. Now this could be good thing for some and a very bad thing for others. It reminded me of when I smoked cigarettes but didnt taste near as bad. The latakia comes through great but isnt overbearing as it blends well with the cigar leaf.

The inital tongue punch is there and this stuff can burn hot if puffed too quickly but leaves a very robust flavor on the pallate akin to a cigar yet not entirely if that makes sense.

Now although this didnt knock my socks off in the nicotine department I could definately tell it was there. One of the few blends to do so. It was a very welcomed buzz.

Now keep in mind as I noticed and did my wife, this leaves the room smelling of cigarettes and cigars. The Missus can stand my latakia blends but this one is the only one she said I can only smoke outside. It reeks.

I will definately keep this in rotation as a norm I liked it so much for the bold flavor and rich smokiness and is a great smoke on cool days and nights and its the best balanced full blend Ive tried.

Hope you all enjoyed the read and good evening ..... cheers
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