C & D Black Frigate + Billy Bud

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These tins came with a bunch of others I ordered recently.

I haven't tried "Black Frigate" yet, but it smells very much of strongly-peated Scotch whisky. Yum yum. I hope it tastes vaguely similar.

Another tin I got was "Billy Bud". This stuff is great. Probably the coolest-burning tobacco I've ever tried. I feel like I couldn't get tongue bite from this if I tried (I'm sure I could really).

What do you guys reckon?


Billy Budd is a favourite of mine. I'm currently out, and I don't know what to do with myself till the postman arrives


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Black Frigate is a very good tobacco. I have some in a Jar. I am aging to see what happings, Beale.
I just had a quarter bowl of the Black Frigate in a new pipe.

It's hard to tell with such a tiny bowl and a new pipe, but I like it. Unfortunately, the smoke's taste doesn't have the same peaty flavour that it's got in the tin-aroma , but it's still a nice Latakia blend.

I'm fast discovering Latakia blends are my thing. The fact they all seem to have limited tongue bite plays a big part, but I also like natural, masculine flavours of smoky tobacco, rather than sweetened and unnatural tasting stuff.

From my latest order, I've tried the Black Frigate (I like it), The Billy Bud (I love it), and the G.L.Pease Robusto (only tried a bit and thought it was "okay"). I have three more that I haven't tried yet: Captain Earl's Nightwatch (I love the CE Ten Russians), and Dunhill Nightcap (heard good things about it), and G.L.P's Westminster (no idea but it smells good).
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