Cajun Black

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I never thought exclusively how much a lingering finish on a good tobacco flavor meant to me until i tried McClelland's Royal Cajun Ebony blend.

If you don't know the story on Cajun Black, which is a relatively "new" creation by Steve Coley, it's an interesting read. CLICK FOR BLURB HERE. It certainly inspired me to check into the line blended with this superbly unique flavor profile. Of the McClelland offerings there are three in the Royal Cajun line that are available: Dark, Ebony and Special.

Personally, i went for the Ebony first. Upon light up i was quite enthusiastic about the sensory information that was being uploaded from the palatal nerves. This was a flavor all it's own and a dang good one at that. However, i was soon found puffing away like a train trying to keep that flavor on my tongue! This blend, at least for me and the friend i shared it with, has absolutely NO FINISH which was a huge disappointment being that the flavor was so wonderful. I just wanted it to linger.

I keep a log of all the tobacco i try after a few bowls and use those notes for future tobacco purchases. The higher the rating, the higher the priority for a bulk order in a future TAD run. This one got a 5 for flavor, but a 1 for finish, bringing it down to just a par avg rating of 3. Sadly, 3's don't normally make any of my TAD runs as i'm honed in on the 4's and 5's which, for me, are the good ones and the great ones.

This blend helped me realize just how important a lingering finish really is when you're smoking something that you don't want to end. Because the flavor of the tobacco is so good i've begun experimenting with ways to blend this to my own preferences. I've tried adding 1 part xx black rope to 3 parts ebony and 1 part big n burley to 2 parts ebony to no avail, although the second mixture was a little closer to the mark.

Any one else try the Royal Cajun line? Did you have a similar experience with the fleeting nature of the flavor in these cajun black blends? :dunno:

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Hoss, if you like the flavor(s) of RC Ebony, then how 'bout stacking a bowl with the RCE on top and your favorite "finisher" on the bottom......may be the next "atomic" BOMB! Never know...........

I too like the flavor of RCE and the entire trio. Ebony being my fav.

Just a suggestion. Would hate to see you go through pipe-dom not smoking a toby just because the finish is lacking....many toby'z are that way. Finish off with a "finisher"!

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I like Royal Cajun Special so much, I dedicated a big Wiley freehand to it. It's great at first light and finishes well too. I do not let it dry out or sit before packing the bowl. It is not an overly moist tobacco out of the tin, but is not real dry either. I bought 3 tins and put them all in a single airtight cannister. It's hard for me to describe, but the nice aspects of the flavor last for me for an hour or so after done. It reminds me of a combination of campfire & great coffee as far as aroma goes. Mmmm emmm. :bing:
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