Capstan and Three Nuns Discontinued

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I haven't ever tried Three Nuns, but I really would like to, as I know it was one of the blends my grandfather smoked (I found an old tin in his toolbox at the cottage that he used for nails). I don't have too many memories of blends he smoked, but in this case I would love to load his big old Brigham with a few coins of Three Nuns and share the same experience he once had. Of course, I'm going to give PH Curly a try, just in case :D


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I just picked up a 100g tin of Three Nuns from the 90's in terrific shape from Ebay. Yes, I paid a small fortune for it, but it was for my dear RuffinoGold for his Birthday, which isn't until June, so maybe it's for Father's Day, which also isn't until June. Well, I gave it to him anyway, and he totally flipped out. That was worth any amount imho. The joy on his face was priceless. It's quite tasty too.
I'm not bragging here, just saying, if you're willing to spend a lot of money for the old stuff, watch ebay very closely. :D

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Twenty/thirty years back I smoked a lot of Three Nuns - the 'Empire' blend too, (same cut, but leaf from a different source) the stuff being foisted under that name in most tobacconists, and indeed some supermarkets over here bears little resemblance, and for me at least is not worth bothering with, when so many superior alternatives are easily available from the same sources. The same applies to the pouches of Capstan sold in the UK - I remember a small rectangular tin, with neat broad flakes - very much like MacBaren VA flake, but the modern ready rubbed stuff.....words fail me! - give me G&H Bright CR flake any day!
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