Captain Black.. What's the story on this brand?


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Good or bad, I started on CBG years ago, have had many tongue bites, never knew the difference. seems too pricey for what it is now.
Working on learning about new toby's and stocking up on them as I find ones that I like and work for me.
and the Largo I'm on now, is cheaper and worse than CBG but its what I could afford..

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Captain Black Royal (blue pouch) is the bulk blend 1-Q
In Europe you can found 3 "editions": the American,the European and the Israeli. The first is recognized by the "oz" the other write in "gr" but the american edition is far much better than the others.If someone likes this tobacco is looking to find it from an american store because this edition can not be found here.

My two cents:
most pipe smokers (key worrd: MOST) have no clue about PSF or tobacco reviews or all the fancy stuff, they just buy what they like and enjoy it.
Blends that get bashed often, like Borkum Riff, Captain Black, as well as many other OTC's are ubiquitous.
If CB is al over the place, as well as BR, etc. then it sells, period.
Lane might like to please customers, but they are a business, they don't make pipe tobacco because they love you.


Say what now?
...I've been smoking rlp6 for that sort if thing. I have to say the two are very different. Both good, but different.
It's oft debated whether or not 1Q and RLP-6 and a few other Lane bulks are in fact the same as the Cap'n. While I am no expert and my tastes are pedestrian by some accounts, I have to say while I can see the similarities, I see more differences. I keep 1Q and RLP-6 around for indoor smoking around the wife, usually mixed with Walnut or a Burley, B/VA OTC.
When I first started smoking a pipe I had a pouch of CB Blue and a tub of Half&Half. The H&H won me over. Been a burley, B/VA fan since. That said, if it's the Cap'n your smokin', smoke on and enjoy!!


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I used to buy CB and Borkim Riff frequently because that was what was available. But please note I said "buy" not "smoke". There would always be one or two 1/3 smoked pouches in my car. Never really enjoyed either one. Now that I have discovered PSF and on-line stores, I get better stuff that I enjoy.

I have to admit it, I like Captain Black for nostalgic reasons. When I first dabbled, years ago, this is what I smoked. Thanks to my local shop I graduated to non-aromatics, but the captain still holds a place in my heart. Someting about that roll-up pouch takes me back.

I always found Captain Black to have an odd, artificial flavour, almost like plastic...

I wonder, were drugstore brand of better quality 50 years ago when pipe smoking was at it's height of popularity, or is the quality is about the same? You read so often that well know pipe smokers weren't too fussy about what they smoked, but you'd think they'd at least be curious about a better smoke than CB or BR.


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For a lot of people its handy on the way to fishing, or road trip to a cabin, and the tobacco store might be closed, or miles out of the way.
I have smoked CBG on occasion over the last 30 years and it tastes about the same to me, and I have no taste buds. But trying to re-awaken them.
Life wuz juss sympler then

I know for me it was just ignorance more than anything else - I got a pipe and got what was available at Quick Trip because that's what you do. It never even occurred to me there might be more to it because nobody I knew at the time smoked a pipe. And tobacconists were something in England, right? My eyes weren't opened until I finally started hanging around in real pipe shops.


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I used to buy CB and Borkim Riff frequently because that was what was available. But please note I said "buy" not "smoke". There would always be one or two 1/3 smoked pouches in my car. Never really enjoyed either one. Now that I have discovered PSF and on-line stores, I get better stuff that I enjoy.
+1 on that!

Still, Ode to the Captain! My uncle loved the stuff for a VERY long time.


I have smoked some CB Blue maybe 1 time a year or so. Free coupons whatever. To those that like it, smoke on, enjoy. Personally I think in the future, after mankind as we know it has passed on and as those future archologists look under rubble from the past, they will find lots of live cockroaches and pouches of unsealed CB. CB being preserved for centuries with whatever that godawfull stuff they mix or spray onto it is. Just IMHO.

I just don't like the stuff. The last I had was CBW, and I finally threw it away, when I can buy CH, SWR, PA for the same money or less, I won't smoke it. YMMV

Good bad or indifferent to them, MOST tobacco's can always be used as a mixer and not tossed out, but again, MOST.;)
I did buy a pouch of "Red Cap" tobacco to try, at $1 I figured if it was any good at all it would be a bargain, wrong! It is really a RYO tobacco, and may make an excellent cigarette, but it's so so in a pipe, smokes hot and fast. I mixed it in with my peppermint PA experiment, I don't think it will be noticed at all in that! :)

Kindof old thread, but I wanted to chime in. Over in the 'tobacco' forum there's a free-sample-thread for CB. I got mine and have smoked a couple bowls of it. According to the 4 or 5 people I've smoked it around, the Captain Black Cherry does have a good room note. And a pretty strong cherry flavor. ...... That's about all the positive I can say.

The bad: I have read on here about some tobacco 'ghosting' and after smoking this I found out exactly what that meant. I could still taste fake cherry 3/4 the way through a bowl of carter hall! And that brings me to my second gripe. Sure, it tastes like cherry, but kindof in the way that Sunny Delight tastes like orange juice. They're both called oj, but it's not nearly the same as fresh-squeezed.

Oh, I guess there are a couple more decent things I could say about CB Cherry. I didn't have much/any more of a problem keeping it lit than I do with anything else; and also I didn't get any kind of bite from it. However, of the 5 or 6 tobaccos I've tried, I haven't ever gotten a bite, so ymmv....

You'll have to pardon the newb-layman terms here. ;)