Captain Black.. What's the story on this brand?

I got a Grabow and a pouch of CB Royal for Christmas last year. I smoked 2 bowls and now I can't get the stem out of the Grabow. Second bowl kept going out because the stuff got so wet and gooey halfway down.

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Say what now?
New. I tried the freezer for 15 min. I might go overnight if I care to remember.
Try in and out of the freezer (hot, cold, hot, cold...)until it lets go. Use some bees wax on the tenon, sounds like a tight precise fit. I don't think this is a Capt B goop issue, just a tight fit. Which model Grabow?

Captain Black Gold was the first pipe tobacco I ever smoked and that was a while ago. I just picked up a pouch of CBW the other day with a MM Corn Cob pipe which will be my second pipe/pipe tobacco I have owned. I can say I enjoy pipe smoking so I guess I must enjoy Captain Black to some extent. Seeings how the only pipe tobacco I have smoked is the captain, I may change my mind after I've tried something else.


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I like CBW. It was the first pipe tobacco I ever smoked. I haven't had any for a few months because I've been working through some other blends.


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I've smoked every blend of Captain Black, and like them all except for the Cherry (which was disgusting). Their newest blend, Captain Black Dark, is by far the best of the bunch but I still greatly enjoyed the others. I have a pouch of Captain Black White/ Regular I am working through at the moment. With a pouch of Dark, and Gold on backup.

However, in my area Captain Black runs $8 a pouch and it's simply not worth that kind of money when other tobaccos are $4 a pouch.


It does sell a lot. And it's been around for 50 thousand years. So whatever bozo is doing the ordering at the local Pack'n'Sack looks at the available stuff, and brings in Captain Black because he's never heard of London Mixture. And the fact is, if he brought in London Mixture, a bunch of old codgers would ask him where the Captain Black was.
Ah...London Mixture. LOVE the stuff. The wife can't stand the Latakia, but that is one of the things that gives it such a wonderful flavor. I know there are different oriental tobaccos used. Does anyone know WHAT those are?


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When i was in crete in october.
Pipe tobacco was a rare find.
If you found it, the choice was most of the borkum riff offerings, amphora (the red one) and captain black white.
Borkum riff and amphora when converted was round about 11 pounds.
Captain black white on the other hand was close to 19 pounds.
Captain black was pretty well off the list as back home i could get a tin of gl pease for same price.
But im guessing import duties paid the price on that one.
But i know there is a us airbase on crete so maybe thats why they had captain black.

I'm finishing the CB Round Taste pouch. The first 10 minutes is OK, then turns to a zombie smell. So it's not a good option for indoors.
The taste is not bad but I promise myself to not come back to CBRT anymore. My next plan is Planta or MacBaren.


I was lucky enough to be a part of FNG/FOG and I received a few of the CB line up, I've liked them all and had no issues with clean up etc like some have reported. Yes they're a more moist tobacco but I just treat them justly and so far so good.
This was with a MM Hardwood, MM Legend, Barling half bent and Dr Plumb 1/4 bent Rhodesian for those curious on which pipes were used.

Captain Black is a Lane Limited premium brand aromatic tobacco which you can find anywhere, very popular, there are also the bulk blends at a much better price. The bulk blend 1-Q according to Lane Limited is the #1 selling tobacco in the USA.

Captain Black (white pouch) is the bulk blend RLP-6
Captain Black Royal (blue pouch) is the bulk blend 1-Q
Captain Black Gold (gold pouch) is the bulk blend MV-1000

I have smoked both the Captain Black blends and the bulk equivalents, they are similar but not the same, they are more like cousins to each other than twins.
Have just ordered some of the Royal bulk from 4noggins as we cannot get it in the uk , and of course it is a really good price in the states,including shipping it still works out half the price compared to the uk, rRead some reviews and watched some on youtube so thought would give it a go

Well i tried CB once ...i ran down in the cow pasture and licked a salt block to get the taste of that s**t out of my mouth.

I like alot of OTC blends but the Captain needs to be flogged and quarted, shot , stabbed poisoned , hung and drug through broken glass.