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Cassano Pipes

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Just wanted to throw my feelers out there and get some input on Cassano pipes. I saw a nice looking poker shape and the price is right. Are these made well or just machine made poor smoking pipes?


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That's a sharp looking poker. Cassano is regarded as a fine pipe maker and I don't think it would be a waste of money. However I got to say for that amount of money I'd go for a Peterson. If you really like the pipe, go for it, I am sure you would be very happy with it.

Have a look here first.


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my first (and only as of now) 2 pipes are cassanos. i have 2 different half rusticated fortes and i have absolutely nothing bad to say :thumbup:
In my opinion, you cannot go wrong with an Italian made pipe, regardless of pedigree.


Some rim charring is to be expected.
I, as a newb, have never heard of them til now. Wow! Pretty....AND affordable. I'll have to keep them in mind for a future round of PAD. Jesla, nice link, sir. A quick synopsis is surely appreciated by me in evaluating an unknown maker. Thanks, all.

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