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Chacom Pipe

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Hello friends, how are you? The reason for this post is to ask about the new pipe I want to buy. It is a French Chacom pipe intermediate quality. Have you any idea what quality are made of? Have you tried smoking it? I would like you to share your experiences with me, to know how to evaluate at the time of purchase. Greetings to all! :sailor:


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I've got a couple, a 4 square, paneled billiard and a briar calabash shape, I like them both real well good smokers nice lookers, I've worked the stems and airways (as with most of my pipes) so the draw is wide open but they are pretty well made pipes.

I've sold probably 50 or 60 pipes this year but never considered selling either of these.


I have had 2. One was a bent apple with horn stem which i now regret selling at a point when i had my sights set on higher grades and the other is still in my rotation - one of the least expensive and most elegant pieces in my current collection. Both are/were great smokers. I say, if it's w/in your means, by all means pull the trigger! Enjoy...

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I had a Canadian that I bought at the Grand Vizar pipe shop in Poitiers in 1979. It was It had lines I loved - a very slight cant to the bowl/bend in the stem. I smoked that thing like a chimney, and it was a great smoker. I had it in my pocket and broke the stem off. I put it someplace safe until I could get a new one made.

We were in the process of moving, and I never saw it again. I can't remember where I put it, and I never stumbled across it. This Canadian was my attempt to find another with lines as good as the other (to my eye). It is not the same exact style, but it is a great smoker. It is also not the pipe I lost, and I don't reach for it quite so often...
My newest (second) pipe is a chacom square shank apple. On the pipe craved 'chacom de prima'. I'm a beginner and I gotta say I love the chacom. Great price & smokes good. But recently I found out that my pipe got scratch. I didn't know how it happen. Sad
I forgot to mention the
Above listed Chacom pipe I bought about 5-6 yrs ago for $50 I got this one a small straight and a slight bent $50 each ? Told they were vintage 70's and liked them so?? My favorite is the one above though. I don't understand why it would say antique on it. Is it really70's era ya think ora reproduction. Thx.
From what I read Chacom makes a good product for a solid price.

I think french pipes like Butz Choquin and Chacom are somewhat of a bargain - they're not "in vogue" so their prices are somewhat better than the more popular brands, but their quality is pretty much equal.
Whether its a good bargain depends on the model and condition naturally. I don't know this model but if you did pay more than its worth - it wasn't much more. I see Chacom's go for that kind of money regularly on ebay. I don't follow briar pipes nearly as much as meerschaum so take that for what its worth.
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my guess is that "antique" refers to the particular line of chacom, not its date of production. i don't own a chacom, but I do have two butzs that i love. both are worth well more than i paid for them.
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