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Discussion in 'Pipe Tobacco' started by fred28, Jun 13, 2013.

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  1. MacNutz

    MacNutz Active Member

    Dec 7, 2011
    Good luck with the cigarette thing. It worked for me. I found giving up the cigs relatively easy with my pipe in hand. I also think Carter Hall is a good choice. Don't let the cheap price fool you, it is a good honest tobacco with enough vitamin N to keep you going.
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  2. LutzSpearo

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    Apr 3, 2013
    I've only been smoking a pipe for a few months, and am also a cigarette smoker and an occasional cigar smoker. I used to smoke a pack a day, but once I started smoking my pipe (one in the morning, one at night), I cut the cigs down to just ten a day without even trying. I kind of like smoking less cigs now, and have recently incorporated small cigars into my plan. This past week I've smoked a small cigar after lunch each day, and now I'm only smoking about 5 cigs a day! My point is I can understand your goal, and I can tell you that it is working for me, even though reducing/quitting smoking cigs wasn't in my mind when I started smoking a pipe.

    About blends, I have tried lot in the past few months. I have realized that smoking a few bowls of so many different blends is not the best idea, because I don't really get to know each blend and tobacco type this way, and probably confuse myself. So I think your plan of just 4-5 tins is a great idea. I've sealed up all of my open blends, and am just focusing on 4 at a time.

    I have really enjoyed Frog Morton on the Bayou. It was a little too moist right after opening the tin, so after I opened it and smoked a bowl which wasn't too enjoyable, I just let it sit on the shelf for a few weeks. Now I love it. It smokes great, tastes great. The only thing I wish it is that it was a little stronger on the nicotine.

    I absolutely love Dunhill Nightcap. It was also just a little too moist upon opening, but if you take out a bowls-worth of tobacco and just let it sit out and air out for 30-60 minutes before smoking it is fine. Nice full natural taste, good amount of nicotine, burns well for me, I love it.

    I also really like Virginia's. McClelland Blackwoods Flake is a tobacco I enjoy as much as the Nightcap, but it's very different too. The Virginia is sweet tasting, but not in an artificial way, it's a natural mellow sweetness that is there for me but not overwhelming. The taste is great. As for moisture, I have the same advice as with the Frog Morton, open the tin, put the cap back on it, and leave it alone for a month. You may also consider rubbing some of it out, as it's a broken flake and for me, smoked better rubbed out and likely dries quicker rubbed out. It's not too heavy on the nicotine either though, so sometimes I'm not fully satisfied after smoking it.

    Lastly, I recommend Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake as it's a great tobacco. Like others have warned about, flakes can be a pain and this one takes some time to prepare for smoking, time to get the moisture level right, and patience getting the actual smoking of it to go well. After I opened this one, I actually needed to leave the lid off and let it air out for several days. But part of the reason I enjoy smoking a pipe is because of this kind of thing, the thoughtfulness of it, it is enjoyable to me. Sometimes I just want to open the tin and smoke a bowl without any fooling around, but other times I like to prepare the tobacco. So if you know that going into it, and are interested in trying a flake, don't hold back. I love Full Virginia Flake's flavor and nicotine content.

    There's lots of blends out there, I hope you quickly find at least one or two that you enjoy. I found that watching YouTube videos on things like how to rub out flakes/broken flakes, or light a pipe etc. very helpful. It saved me a lot of frustration and mistakes. So take some time to read and watch videos on the internet, I believe you will be rewarded for it. It sounds like you are probably doing this already.

    Best of luck! I am loving this journey, and I hope you do too!
  3. User3940

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    Dec 7, 2012
    Carter Hall
    Sir Walter Raleigh

    All great smokes and very easy for a new guy to use.

    And don't forget the cob.
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