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fuente, especially the magnum R line magR44. tatuaje, especially the 7th reserva. undercrown, especially the corona viva. padron core line, especially the 2000 maduro. these are my three regular production all stars, i keep some on hand at all times.. now, you want to get into seasonal or limited releases, that's a different story... o)


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Just about anything Villazon made

El Rey Del Mundo
etc ...

During the cigar " Boom " years , they were the Only company that didnt let their product turn to :poop: . I dont care what a company says about themselves in their advertising ... Villazon did it right and their products never suffered , though they did change the blend of the Excaliber line at that time [ made them milder for the newer boom smokers , which I didnt like ] .
Anyway , I'm a Punch Fan and I also really dig El Rey Del Mundo Choix supreme [ and other sizes ]. Theyre always constructed fine and are consistent and wonderful !
My favorite " newer " brand is the Oliva Series G

I dont bother with cigars much anymore cause the Schip tax ruined it for me . I hate this administration , if for only that reason

For a stronger sit down smoke , the Punch Chateau M is a mind blower if ya go easy with it


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favorite really depends on context. If I have an afternoon off, not a care in the world, and I've spent the day riding my bicycle in the hot sun and want to unwind with a mild tasting but full impact cigar? La Flor Dominicana Double Claro in the churchill size....big cigar, mild candela flavor but a nice bit of nicotine hidden within it.

Outside of the United States? I had a Ramon Allones Small Club Corona this summer in London, and it was a phenomenal smoke, plain and simple.

For everyday, knock-around purposes? When I want something functional, tasty, and inexpensive, but certainly NOT something that takes all my attention or something for a special occasion, there are plenty to fill that need...for machine mades I like Parodi, Principes (by La Aurora), and Marsh Wheelings once in a while....for hand made I like Hoyo de Monterrey (Honduran) Sabrosos, a number of good overruns or seconds, and so on.

Then there's plenty of other things for when I want a nice cigar but also want variety.

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I smoke a lot of Finck cigars. They're an old American cigar maker with a wide variety, albeit with a limited flavor spectrum. The good ones are very good. The less good ones, well, I'll let you figure those out for yourself. You get what you pay for in most cases, and Finck is generally inexpensive.

They will send you a catalog in the mail, which is a nice touch in this day of age. For walking the dog, I like Little Joes, Havana Blends, Texas Sweets, or Pancho Garcias. For sitting down to do some serious contemplative work, I like Finck's Commerce, Resagos, or the Travis Club Family Blend. I do not like the regular Travis Clubs that are supposedly their best sellers.

Their stock is deeper than their website leads you to believe and that's where the quarterly paper catalog comes in handy. Nice ladies on the phone, too. Everyone I've talked to has worked there for years. and they know the product lines. It's a family operation and they come in affordable and generally well designed boxes that I don't toss in the trash. YMMV, but the selection and price they provide suit me comfortably.


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Oh yeah. :D
I'd also add The Griffins
Jeez , I'd forgotten The Griffins ... Yeah , theyre damn good !

Nesta and WhaleheadKing made me think of the other stuff [ American Cigars ]

Munnimaker cigars .. any of them

National Cigar ... most of them ..
The one I carried at the shop that I remember being good or at least sold well , from National ..
El Verso
Farnam Drive
Ibold Black pete
Black hawk Cheif

All the Marsh Wheelings .. but The Old reliable sold the most and taste like yer smoking a grilled steak !


My go to favorite is R& J Habana Reserve.
My favorite "special time" cigar is a Padron 1964 Anniversary bellicose. I have 2 boxes in my humidor.
My all -time cigar is a Havana Montecristo #2. I get to enjoy one 3-4 times a year when I travel out of the country. I can't enjoy them here because it is illegal to have these in your humidor......;);)


Nesta: My wife was experiencing some sinus blockage and today she said the Parodis smelled like cigar, but not as bad as my large cigars. I've been having problems with the pipes for a while now and the cigars just are easier on my palate. I don't really smell my smoke anymore (taste buds are shot), so I only enjoy the first smokes of the day. I'm addicted to nicotine, so I continue to smoke. Thanks for your reply to my original post. :)


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Ashton VSG and ESG
Avo XO among others
Bolivar: PCR, BBF, BGM, BRC
CAO: L'Ann. Cam, La Traviata, Brazilia, Black
Camacho: Corojo and Connecticut
(Shame about the new bands though)
Cohiba: Behike, Siglo VI
DPG Blue
Fuente: Anejo, Don Carlos, Hemingway, OpusX, Connecticut
LFD: Colorado Oscuro and Chisel
MoW Puro Authentico
My Father LB22
Oliva: V, V Maduro, V Melanio, and G
Padron: 3000, Anny '26 and '64
Partagas: 898 or any Lancero
Perdomo: Champagne Noir/Sun, Lot23
Ramon Allones SS
Punch London Club and PPunch
San Lotano Maduro, Habano, Oval
Tatuaje: Nicaragua, Miami, HavanaVI, AngelesVI, Wolfman

And, um...
a dozen or so others.

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